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Things About Cosmetic Surgery That People Misunderstand


Cosmetic surgery is the topic of many celebrity gossips and botched makeovers. With all the shows revolving around this industry, it’s easy to see why it gets a bad rep. However, that same tarnished reputation is hindering a lot of people from getting the treatment they need. It makes them excessively nervous and opts for less-efficient alternatives.

If you’re one of them and you’ve been recommended a cosmetic procedure, regardless of whether it’s major or minor, you’ll want to get the facts straight before going under the knife. Educating yourself can help you make better decisions and equip you to pursue the course of action right for you.

It’ll Cost a Fortune

The truth of the matter is that cosmetic surgery isn’t the cheapest procedure out there. Don’t expect it to be as affordable as the dental and facial treatments you get monthly. The expertise and tools needed to perform certain procedures are costly for a good reason. That said, you also don’t want to expect it to cost a fortune. This is the usual misconception people have when they read the complex-sounding treatments and see the flashy operation theatre lights. They fear it will break their bank account, and they walk away without finding out more.

As with all medical procedures, the pricing can increase based on the complexity of the procedure. This takes into account multiple factors and is rarely the same case for everyone. You’ll want to hear what the experts say to understand better why it costs much more or less than you expect. It’s also dependent on the technology available to the clinic you’re going to. The more high-tech and non-invasive their options are, the higher the costs will likely be.

It’s Only for Vanity

Since cosmetic surgery is often associated with celebrities and influencers, most people still believe that it’s only for vanity purposes. None of these procedures are necessary, and they only exist to serve people’s desire to look perfect.

This might be the most erroneous and damaging of all misconceptions about cosmetic surgery. If you dig a little deeper into the industry, you’ll discover that people pursue specific treatments for their health and overall well-being. Some may have suffered from injuries that permanently damaged facial features, and they’ve lost their confidence because of this. Some need the expertise of cosmetic surgeons to reverse the effects of a disease or help them manage pain better.

One such case is with people who have breathing problems. They can have reconstructive nose surgery to solve this problem and attain a higher quality of life.

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Recovery Is the Hardest Part

Again, this is a misconception propagated by movies that show people with bandaged eyes, noses, and other body parts for weeks at a time. This creates a scary picture for those who can’t take a long break from work to recover.

Like other medical procedures, the recovery period for cosmetic surgeries varies depending on their complexity and the health of the patients that received them. Still, with the advancement in the technology used in both minor and major operations today, bouncing back after surgery shouldn’t take as long as it used to. Expect that you’ll need time to heal, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be stuck in bed for months just because of it.

Breast Implants and Botox Are Dangerous

These two most common procedures are also the most misunderstood. Any treatment can lead to complications if you’re not working with a reputable clinic or don’t follow the doctor’s advice.

Breast implants have also evolved through time, and both silicone and saline are FDA approved, meaning they generally can’t cause you serious health concerns. There’s also no research-backed evidence to prove that they increase your chances of getting breast cancer.

Botox receives just as much heat from the general public, who aren’t familiar with its health benefits. A recent trend shows botox being used as a means to help people manage stress and migraines. When pain relievers don’t work, some patients can resort to botox for pain management.

Talk to an Expert

Whenever you’re interested in getting cosmetic surgery but have questions you want to answer first, talk to an expert. Book an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon and talk about the price, the possible complications, and the recovery period. Reach out to people who’ve had it before to glean insight from their personal experience. It’s only by getting first-hand feedback from friends and experience with reputable clinics that you’ll realize just how important this industry is to people’s health.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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