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For Any Skin: Making Korean Skincare Work for You


People’s obsession with effective beauty tips from Korea has been going on for years. Incorporating innovative technology while still sticking to ancient traditions, Korean skincare has become highly popular among beauty aficionados. It can be extremely overwhelming at first, what with all the steps and products involved to achieve that glowing, younger-looking skin. So, where do you start improving your skin care in a place like Provo, Utah?

It’s important to start by understanding how each step will help you achieve that healthy radiance. Then you can switch things up a bit and customize them to suit your needs, whether it’s anti-aging, acne treatment, or extreme moisturizing. Here are the basic products you need to get you started:


Korean women use two types of cleansers in their routine, which they call “double cleansing.” They start by using an oil-based cleanser to get rid of their makeup. By using this product, they can remove impurities without being too harsh on their skin, especially around the eye area. Next, they use a water-based cleanser to remove any makeup residue and keep their skin soft. Go for a gentle formula that won’t strip your skin off of its natural oil.


Woman applying tonerKorean toners are different from the usual as their main function is to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized and the pH level balanced following a thorough cleansing. Their primary use is to prep the skin for the layers of products that follow this step. With ingredients such as essential oils and hyaluronic acid, they also work to calm sensitive skin, minimize the pores, and restore moisture.


These are considered the heart of any Korean skincare routine. Compared to serums, essences are generally less concentrated and more fluid, making them very lightweight. Their purpose is to provide hydration, enhance the complexion, and slow down the signs of aging. These allow other products to be absorbed by the skin more easily.


These products have active, powerful ingredients that address specific skin problems, including dehydration, the presence of fine lines, lack of firmness, and hyperpigmentation. With regular application, you can expect that post-facial glow every day.


Koreans use two different types of moisturizers, one for the skin around the eyes and another for the rest of the face and neck. As the skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive, it needs a specialized product. A face moisturizer, on the one hand, provides a barrier that keeps all the products you’ve just applied locked in place.


One of the biggest causes of skin aging is exposure to the sun. Korean women never fail to apply a generous amount of sunscreen or a BB cream with high SPF before heading off outside.

At first, the now-famous Korean skincare routine seemed like a passing trend. However, as more and more beauty products in Korea have found their way on the shelves of many retail stores, it’s safe to say that they’re here to stay. The trick to making it work for you is to add or remove products as you see fit. It’s possible to use these products in any order you prefer, but keep in mind that products with thicker consistency should be on the latter part.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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