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Fabrics You Can Use for Your Home’s Curtains and Drapes


Curtains and drapes are important parts of every home or office because of the privacy and protection from the sun that they offer. If your home or office has large glass windows and doors, you will need drapes and curtains to regulate how much sunlight streams in during the day.

If you are not into curtains and drapes but still want privacy and regulated lighting, there are other alternatives to try. You can look for Hunter Douglas blinds in NJ, for one, or motorized window treatments for better coverage and less maintenance.

Here are fabric materials you can try for curtains and drapes.


This kind of fabric is perfect as a sheer curtain. The weaving of this fabric is very open, making it cool and ideal for people who want plenty of sunlight in their home.


Another sheer fabric that has open “Leno” weaving is the gauze type. This warps around yarns and creates an “8” formation.

Nylon Net

An inexpensive option for a sheer curtain for your home is the nylon net. The nylon net comes with a knitted texture and is not as fine as the voile curtain.

Eyelet Cotton

Cotton fabric with eyelets affords the open weave fabric look for your curtain. It is not as sheer but offers a nice finish to any room.


Muslin is a thin fabric made of cotton. It is very lightweight and costs less. A very popular fabric choice but not as sheer as the rest of the curtain types.


woman parting the sheer drapes
Voile is a sheer woven curtain fabric that is soft to touch and very lightweight. It is often made up of 100% cotton fabric, and it can also be made of polyester. Voile has a very fine texture and surface, which is perfect for those who want privacy and not too much sunlight.
Meanwhile, if you want regular curtains or something that is not see-through, you will need an opaque fabric with high thread counts. Look for a material that offers an amazing drape and falls very gracefully.


Cotton is very popular and in demand as curtain fabrics. With cotton, you will no longer need to add a lining. It affords your window the right opaqueness and coverage.


Silk fabrics as curtains exude an ambience of luxury and affluence with their luminous appearance. However, you will have to add a lining for the curtain if you wish to add some privacy and protection from the heat of the sun.

Many of the curtains made of silk are meant for dry cleaning only. They must not be exposed to direct sunlight to prevent them from fading. Place these on windows where the sun is not providing direct exposure to your curtains.


For the best drapery fabric you might want to consider linens, especially those that are not meant for dressmaking. They are durable, thick, sturdy and offer unbeatable sophistication to any interior. They must be dry cleaned to maintain their look and quality, which some find expensive in the long run to maintain.

Remember that not all fabrics are made equal. While some are also ideal as bed sheets or flat sheets, they may not be right fabric for making your curtains at home.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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