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What Should Your Kids Be Doing in Quarantine?


When it comes to “entertaining” kids during a lockdown, it’s all about not underestimating them. Don’t think that they don’t realize that you haven’t been going to the mall, park, or grocery store. Make sure to explain to them what’s happening even if you think that they don’t have a full grasp of it yet. Tell them that for now, they cannot play with other children in the neighborhood or even see their grandparents because there’s a virus out there that will make everyone sick. Respect their ability to understand. That’s the first rule of dealing with kids 24/7.

Because your kids can’t attend day care, you are put in an unenviable position of teaching and entertaining them. Now, you’ll realize why you pay for day care and preschool. Teaching your kids the alphabet will be a real challenge to your relationship.

Don’t worry; all parents are dealing with the same thing during the quarantine. They have to find a way to continue their kids’ learning. Their development doesn’t stop even if the rest of the world does. Now that you’re all stuck at home, this is the best time to really get to know their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be better parents after this pandemic.

Read to Them

Make a habit of reading to them. Kids whose parents read to them have a higher chance of speaking earlier than those who don’t. Make reading a part of your daily routine. Whether they understand the stories doesn’t matter. They’ll recognize the act of reading and incorporate that into their lives when they grow up.

Teach Them Basic Home Skills

If your kids are old enough to be in the kitchen, take them with you when you prepare lunch or dinner. Let them watch you slice the vegetables and sauté the meat. If you have a kid-friendly knife, let them slice a banana or an apple. Make them a part of your household chores. This triggers their interest in learning how to clean, organize, and cook.

Check Their Milestones

The Internet is filled with information about your kids’ supposed developmental milestones. Check if your kids are hitting their milestones. Guide them through the different activities that will improve their cognitive skills, for example.

Go Outside

You may not be able to go to the mall or some other public places, but you can still take a walk in the woods or just outside your house. Take them for a walk and identify the things you see such as cars, the grass, houses, insects, and plants. Just make sure that you’re keeping a distance from other people you might pass by.


Do you know that kids love exercise and yoga? Check out the various yoga tutorials for kids to do. These movements help them calm down. This is especially relaxing for hyperactive kids who get bored easily. You can do the poses with them, too, if you are a novice in yoga. This is a great bonding moment for you as a family.

The quarantine doesn’t have to take away anything from your kids. Just think about it: you’re going to know your kids better while you’re all home together. Spend time with them. Time goes by so fast that the next thing you know, they’re off running with their friends and not minding you.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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