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Things Every Good Tenant Must Do Before Moving Out


Your lease is up, your dues are paid, and you’re out of your current place in a few weeks. Before you get back to enjoying your freedom and going house-hunting, don’t forget the moving-out responsibilities that every renter is required to fulfill.

While lease terms vary from tenant to tenant, there are a few tasks that absolutely every tenant must accomplish before bidding farewell. Here are the most important ones.

Gather your belongings

When moving, don’t just call a moving truck; call a cleanout crew as well. Junk hauling services in Ocala ensures that the space you leave behind is as clean as when you moved in.

You also get to decide what happens to the clutter they clear out, as opposed to the landlord settling this matter for you and throwing out everything.

Carry out timely repairs

Before moving out, you should also mend anything that is broken, worn out, or out of shape. Even if the damage is discreet, you should bring things back to order before leaving to keep your security deposit intact.

Patch up screw holes, scrub scuff marks, and wash stains off the textiles and flooring. Inspect all appliances and replace any busted light bulbs before taking off.

Arrange utility transfers

Depending on the term of your lease, your rent may have covered the cost of your utility, meaning you don’t have to arrange for transfer to your new place. But if it isn’t, then it’s time to notify them one by one.

Start by listing down all the utilities you use, then contact them at least two weeks in advance, and have them do a final meter reading. Once you’ve finalized your new address, update them soonest possible.

Document your efforts

This step can be for sentimental purposes. But a more important reason to take a photo of your moving-out efforts is to provide substantial proof. That can help if a new tenant claim malfunctions that weren’t there when you moved out or your landlord is holding the return your security deposit due to alleged damages to the property that you didn’t cause.

Schedule the inspection

An inspection is as necessary as your documentation. That is because that is when the landlord lists down all deductions to be taken from your security deposit. It is mutually arranged so that your landlord can’t cite any deductions beyond what is inspected.

Check with state laws about when to set the inspection. Sometimes, a tenant is allowed a grace period to conduct repairs and take their stuff out so that no damage may be hidden.

Have a proper exit plan


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You shouldn’t let your lease expire without having bookmarked a few prospective places yet. Weeks or even months before it’s up, you should have seen some new properties so that you can make your choice and fix your finances sooner.

Don’t forget to claim your security deposit and hold onto your previous lease agreement at least a month into your new living arrangement. You never know when a dispute might arise where you need it for reference.

Now you’re ready to start over again! Apply the same prudence with your new property to make things with your new landlord as easy as the last.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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