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What It Takes to Be the Next Health and Fitness Influencer


The year 2020 is truly a memorable cautionary tale that will haunt us for the rest of our lives, with the numerous problems and controversies it brought upon us, both good and bad. This 2021, however, might be the one year that will wipe out all the negativity and issues that the past year gave us—that is if you know how to set your priorities straight and try something a little more different than your usual path. Perhaps, if you think that this year would be the time for you to share your fitness journey, you may consider becoming an influencer.

The desire to become an influencer nowadays has certainly skyrocketed, especially with the various platforms and social media sites that allow you to gain an audience much easier. However, most people think that to become an influencer, you must have connections to some special people in the industry. This is not completely wrong, but the only simple detail needed to become a health and fitness influencer is to have a loyal audience that trusts you. A population of people willing to follow you with your every move and every product you swear on. With the rate of citizens attempting to lose weight, many influential people might be one way to motivate them to kick-start or continuing their journey.

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But the question is, do you have what it takes to be one? Well, you certainly are if:

  1. You have a likable personality. Have people ever told you that you are easy to be with and so approachable the first time you meet them? If you have a natural positive aura that magnetizes people towards you, you will probably easily tick this qualification. When you are reeking congeniality, clients and customers alike will pleasantly follow your tips and trends as they will see you as someone friendly and trustworthy.
  2. You know how to create content. If you can easily come up with creative content ideas and make them come to life, then the influencer stint will be much easier for you. Followers like having something to watch or read from the people they subscribe to, to pick up any essential tips or recommendations that they may need in their life. You may post blog content, post Instagram stories, create a Facebook page, and conduct virtual run events to amplify your audience scope.
  3. You have a flexible mindset. Inconsistencies between circumstances may be inevitable, but you must always have a calm and toxic-free mind that will help your followers overcome any problems that may come in their way. If your existing strategy is not deemed effective by some of your followers, do not insist that they are not trying hard enough, but rather, recommend another approach that may be more suitable for them. You must also always be willing to engage with them, even if your target number for your audience is still a long way to reach. Invest with your small circles first, be consistent with your interaction, and watch your subscribers go up ultimately.
  4. You are unapologetically authentic. No one likes a fraud—especially when it comes to influencer marketing. The social media audience is always quick to spot any form of phony marketing and pass it down to the “cancel culture” rampant in the Internet world. When endorsing products, you use them and give your personal and accurate reviews instead of just pretending that you already like them without even giving them a try. If you are transparent about the stories that you tell and the tips that you share, your audience will ultimately develop a keen and genuine interest in you as time goes on.
  5. You are subtle. Let’s face it; no one wants someone shoving the same product in our faces repeatedly and obviously on purpose. If you want to become a great influencer, you must be able to integrate subtlety in your posts and engagements so that the products or tips that you share are not seen as pushy and annoying. This is particularly important when dealing with wellness tips, as not every method or product is suitable for every one of your followers.

Another important thing to remember is that you must also care for your product, not just endorse it for the sake of attracting audiences and getting the payment involved. While these qualities may be great for someone who is thinking about starting up an influencer career, bear in mind that the common denominator of these all is the passion for doing it real and right.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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