Transforming Your Home into a Rustic Cabin


Rustic home interior design combines comfort, uncomplicated design, and practicality in one. Hailed as one of the top home interior designs in 2021, it looks like this home interior style will continue to be popular for many years to come. Not to mention its ease in setting up, homeowners will find the whole process of creating a rustic home interior exciting and fun.

By stripping back your home to its basic features, you expose its existing beauty while adding character and warmth to your home. Whichever room you are recreating with a rustic spirit, or if you are actually planning on redesigning your entire home, consider these tips to help you achieve a rustic and cozy home interior.

How to Get a Rustic Cabin Look for Your Home

Select the Right Color

Select a neutral color palette for your wall to allow your room’s features to stand out, which a bright colored wall could not achieve otherwise. Remember, though, not to select a neutral shade quite similar to the color of your wooden elements. Allow colors to enhance and contrast each other.

Choose Natural Materials

A distinct feature of the rustic home interior is the use of natural materials. We are talking about wood, metal, stone, and fabrics.

  • Wood

Use wood as one of the primary natural materials in your rustic home revamp. Expose those wood panelings to add a hint of luxury. If you have beams, then highlight them. Opt for barn doors and reclaimed wood flooring for a complete rustic-inspired design.

  • Stone

Stones add warmth and comfort while boasting practicality and durability. Opt for flagstone flooring for your rustic kitchen or rustic bathroom. Also, a cobblestone fireplace is an amazing look for an updated rustic living room. Nonetheless, if you do not have one, recreate that warm fiery glow by adding soft yellow lighting.

  • Metals

Natural metal elements such as brass, iron, and copper complete a perfect rustic farmhouse effect. But if you are on a budget, even those imitation versions still look amazing without going overboard on your budget. There are also light fixtures with rustic metal features to add a finishing touch to your room.

  • Fabrics

Find comforting fabrics in warm hues to make your rustic home interior more inviting. Think checkered fabrics, cozy blankets, and thick knits for a warm and cozy environment. To make your room more luxurious, you may opt to throw in faux fur on your sofa and woven rug to add complement and color.

Avoid Straight Lines


Embrace abstract imperfections for your rustic home interior design. Let the natural flaws in your room be highlighted ━ be it uneven wood grain or scratch marks on your furniture. Remember that the timeworn your piece of furniture is, the better option it is for rustic decor.

Opt for Mismatched Furniture

Creating a rustic home interior design means curating eclectic pieces to create a complete rustic look. You would want to make your furnishing appear as if they have been collected over time to create a friendly space. Remember to create a focal point, such as a fireplace or television set, to bring everything together.

Opt for Practicality and Purpose

You might have noticed that every piece in a rustic home interior has a purpose. Overaccessorizing with pieces can only invoke confusion and clutter. However, it does not mean that you do away with playful accessories, art, and trinkets. Just keep in mind to maintain functionality and purpose for every piece you add.

Mind the Exterior

Achieving a rustic spirit in your home does not only end with the interior. Make your outdoor space warm and cozy by adding rustic elements, like a sofa, rocking chairs, vintage blankets, and pillows. Opt for lighting that gives out a warm yellowish-orange glow to complete the look.

As a new year begins, are you ready to give your home a more rustic vibe? Follow the abovementioned tips, and you’re well on your way to achieving that dream.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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