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Ways to Increase Productivity in the Office


Good employees are among the most important assets any small business owner can have. Without them, it would be hard to keep the business success going. Hence, it is important to make sure that employees are in excellent health all of the time. Better health means more energy to perform work, which is highly beneficial to businesses.

If you are a business owner looking to find ways to improve the productivity of your staff, here are some things that you can practice in your office.

Provide the Right Equipment

Your employees may need certain types of equipment to efficiently perform their tasks. Give them the latest and fastest working computers, printers, and many other apparatus that they might need to finish their work with ease. It would be counterproductive to let them use old computers in an attempt to save on the costs of newly-released computer models. Giving them the right tools to perform their work can greatly enhance their productivity.

Give Them Breaks

Working straight in an eight-hour shift can make the body sluggish and can tire out even the best employee. Giving employees 15-minute to 30-minute breaks during the morning and afternoon can help them relax for a little while. Frequent breaks help the brain understand and retain information that it has recently processed better. These breaks also give the body and mind time to recharge.

Breaks can also help make workers feel refreshed as they can stretch their tired muscles during these times, and they can find relief from their sitting positions, which may have given them backaches. The result is high morale among employees and an increase in their productivity.

Revamp Your Office Design

The design of your office has an impact on the productivity of employees. A study entitled The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace showed that workers who work in offices that provide them breakout and social spaces are more productive and creative. Offices that have collaborative areas, relaxation rooms, staff gardens, and indoor plants help in maintaining the overall mental health of employees. Those who offer flexibilities as to how and where employees want to work were also shown to have more productive workers.

Have Clean Bathrooms


Maintaining the restroom facilities in the office can help ensure the productivity of employees. According to a study, employees are happier and more appreciative when their work environment is clean and free from any foul smells and clutter. Happy employees work better. They are more productive than unhappy workers. They also provide high-quality work.

Some tips to keep the bathrooms in your office clean are the following:

  • Remind employees to always flush the toilet after use.
  • Have ready stocks of toilet paper and handwash or liquid soap.
  • Remind employees to keep countertops dry and to wipe out any excess soap drippage.
  • Post bathroom etiquette reminders.

You can also install a bathroom and toilet stall to separate the toilet boil from the other parts of the restroom.

Give Employees Access to Clean Drinking Water

Employees need to stay hydrated, so they can perform their work better. Dehydration can lead to sluggishness and a feeling of fatigue. To keep them hydrated, provide a water or beverage station where they can freely have a drink when they need to. You can also set up a coffee station for those who need to have a dose of caffeine during their shift. Such amenities can make employees feel valued. When they sense that they are appreciated, they are likely to be more productive.

Invest in Ergonomic Office Chairs

Your employees will literally be sitting on their chairs most of the time during their work hours. Sitting for long periods can result in back pains, neck pains, muscular strain, and many other health problems. Ergonomic chairs can help prevent these from happening. These chairs provide the following benefits:

  • Posture support, thereby reducing undue strain on the employees’ spines and preventing back injuries.
  • Prevent back, neck, and hip pressure, leading to reduced pains in these areas.
  • Improved blood circulation.

When employees no longer have to worry about these issues, they can concentrate better on their work.

A well-maintained office not only leads to the increased productivity of employees. It also promotes a stronger work culture. Likewise, it can heighten the overall satisfaction of employees, making them stay in the company longer.

Giving employees attractive compensation packages, incentives, and bonuses for every hard work they perform is also a productivity magnet. When they are rewarded for their hard work, they produce better results and higher quality of work.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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