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Ways Not to Screw up Your Own Wedding


Between 40 and 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. That’s a fact you should know if you’re about to tie the knot. That’s a fact that should not dissuade you from following through with your plans. If anything, you can challenge yourself to go against the grain and defy statistics.

Now the responsibility of having an awesome wedding day rest upon your shoulders. Keep in mind that in any event, many things can go wrong. So you must be proactive and anticipate possible disturbances. For your wedding to not turn into an epic failure, follow these well-meaning instructions.

Be smart when choosing a wedding dress

You want to look pretty in your wedding gown. If you can be trendy, it won’t hurt either. But comfort should be your top priority. Remember you’ll be in that dress for hours on end, doing challenging things like walking down the aisle. And you do not want to feel like you’re being tortured for the sake of beauty.

Also, pick a reliable cut and fabric. By reliable, we mean something that won’t cause any incidents. The last thing you want to happen is while your hubby dips you down for your first post-wedding kiss, your dress rips open.

Do not invite your frenemies

You might want to invite your frenemies, especially if they’re still single, just to gloat. And as they say, all is fair in love and war, so we won’t take that against you. But you might want to rethink your decision. It might be a recipe for disaster.

For instance, your frenemy might decide to upstage you at your own wedding. They might come wearing a bathrobe a la Harry Styles. Their pictures might end up highjacking your social media wedding hashtag. That’s not a very pretty scenario.

Ask your guests if they’re allergic to anything

The United States sees 200,000 allergic reactions to food that require medical care each year. That number might be insignificant if you consider there are 331 million people in the U.S. Still, you do not want to gamble here.

For your guests’ safety, ask them about any existing food allergies you should know of before planning your wedding menu. This is also for your benefit. Again, you ought to be the star of your wedding. You do not want anyone to convulse sans notice and take the spotlight from you, while your maid of honor tries to make you sound interesting with a speech prepared by a hired writer.

Serve booze only after the vows

food table in the backyard

You can’t have weddings without booze. But you must be strict with your open bar policy. Open bar opens only after the vows have been exchanged. This is for obvious reasons. You do not want unreasonable alcohol levels in your guests’ bloodstream while things have yet to become official.

Yes, many things can go wrong. When your wedding officiator asks if there’s anyone against the union, some drunk member of your partner’s entourage might suddenly profess their love and oppose the wedding. Worse, your partner might get convinced and ditch you at the altar. Risky.

Be strict with your playlist

If you love music, you probably relate to how specific occasions in your life somehow come with a playlist. You hear a song out of nowhere and you’re reminded of something that happened in the past. With that said, your wedding should have its own playlist. Ideally, your playlist should comprise songs that you like enough but not too much that should the marriage fail, you can still listen to them.

You do not want to include your favorite song on your wedding playlist. Just in case things don’t work out in the end.

Make sure you chose the right husband

This one is crucial. There’s no getting around this. If you chose to wed just because everyone’s doing it and time’s a-ticking for you, at the very least choose your best option. That is if you have options in the first place. Should there be none, make a list of what makes your only option wed-able. If the list is convincing enough, go at it.

You deserve to be the happiest person on your wedding day. Your partner should be the second happiest person. But the two of you are not in competition against each other here. Ideally, you’re in it literally and figuratively together. And that you decided to get hitched for the right reasons. And that reason can only be, at the expense of sounding cheesy, love. If that’s exactly how it is, then congratulations. Go and multiply.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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