These 3 Activities Make You Mentally Resilient in Hard times


When tough times hit, the most important battles happen in the mind. It’s the endless reruns of horrible scenarios, hurtful words, and hopeful “what ifs” that often make people unable to cope. While there are inherently tough people, others require a lot of effort to train their minds for resilience.

If you’re one of these people, then you must’ve watched the TED talks, listened to the inspirational podcasts, and saved all the good quotes on your phone. There’s nothing wrong with that, but going for the big stuff often makes you overlook the smaller things that matter when it comes to mental toughness.

After all, it’s the everyday things you do that build you up, so it pays off to have a better attitude when performing them. This is especially true for three seemingly mundane tasks that you’re already familiar with.

Meal Preparation

What does cooking have to do with a resilient mind? Possibly everything. Eating is a part of everyone’s daily ritual, so much so that it’s often overlooked. Today’s fast-paced society makes no time for meal preparation. Instead, it’s all instant meals, drive thru’s, and frozen goods. When forced to cook, many people come up with a barrage of excuses to order food instead. There’s just something stressful about deciding what to cook and how to cook it. Worse, many people can’t even agree on what to eat, even if they go for take-outs in the same restaurant.

Practicing meal preparation and learning how to enjoy it has many mental benefits that you’ve probably been missing out on. The most prominent is that it forces you to make healthier choices. The better you nurture your body, the better your brain functions. It’s a domino effect of health benefits from there. You’ll notice that you have more energy and you sleep better. You’re also less cranky, which means fewer arguments with family members. This small improvement in your overall disposition makes it easier for you to face challenges and overcome them.

If you’re not motivated to prepare your meals, consider the reasons. Don’t know how to cook? Take a virtual masterclass with the world’s best chefs. Is your apartment aesthetically unpleasant, and is your kitchen unattractive? Perform some renovations. Get custom cabinets to make room for your cooking equipment. A simple change in your kitchen design might be what you need to get cooking like a pro.


Journaling may sound childish, but it’s actually a highly recommended practice for those who want to increase their self-awareness. There are different journaling techniques you can employ for this purpose. Some of these include gratitude journaling, unsent letter journaling, and visual journaling. Each of these caters to your specific preferences and helps you get in touch with your mind and emotions. Your entries don’t need to be long and emotional if you’ve had an uneventful day.

The point is to start or continue this activity with a positive attitude to reap its rewards. Think of it as a tangible representation of your mind. The more aware you are of what you’re thinking and feeling, the more capable you’ll be of managing your thoughts and emotions. This skill is integral in dealing with difficult circumstances so that you’re not overcome by irrational behavior.

Invest in a beautiful journal and some fancy pens. Spending on quality items is a good way to keep you committed to journaling.

a calculator a pen and a sheet of paper on a desk


People aren’t normally cheerful when they budget, especially if they’re doing it to stretch limited funds. However, shifting from a sulky attitude to an optimistic one might keep your stress levels low. Instead of looking at budgeting as a reminder that you’re low on resources, look at it as a means to establish control. Knowing exactly where your money goes gives you a feeling that you have a tight rein on your finances.

When things get tough, even these small moments of control can give you a reprieve. A change in perspective regarding your budgeting tasks will give you a clear perspective on where you stand. Knowing this shows you how to move forward and improve your situation.

How You See Things Matters

Your perspective on daily activities will take its toll on your mind and body. Practicing an improved outlook in life through these small tasks will give you the foundation you need to build a truly genuine mind.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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