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Watch Out for COVID Burnout in Your Kids


COVID-19 has affected everyone negatively. More than just making people sick, the virus is increasing everyone’s anxiety levels. Worrying about the health of loved ones, coping with school and work changes, and many other factors make everyone feel stressed. However, this affects not only adults but also kids.

As parents, we might be caught up in our issues and forget to notice our kids’ signs. Ensure that you keep an eye out for these, as they can be a sign that your children are having trouble.

A drastic drop in academic performance

Was your child an A+ student before the pandemic? Are they suddenly struggling with classes they were formerly great at? That could be a sign that there is something wrong. Stress and deteriorating mental health are some of the main reasons why kids are doing poorly in school.

Many traditional parents assume that just because they are young, they don’t have any reason to be stressed about. However, studies found that kids actually experience stress similar to adults. It seems trivial to someone who has gone through a lot in life, but kids are experiencing things at a different weight because of their age. Many are not use to struggles, so once it happens, it can affect them hard.

Online classes are a new world for both the children and the parent, so there is bound to be some struggle. Even though kids are used to technology more than older generations, a sudden shift in teaching instruction is still something they need to adjust to. Others find it a lot harder to learn through a screen, and some rely on physical interaction to better understand the lessons. This isn’t just for younger kids. Even high school and college-aged kids can become burnt out from online classes.

Lack of motivation to attend classes

Most kids generally don’t want to go to class, but being entirely against going to class is another thing. There is likely a big reason why they refuse to attend class. It could be that there is something or someone there that is upsetting them. For older kids, they find it hard to learn and deem it a waste of time. Avoidant behavior is a sign of burnout for any person.

One common complaint about online classes across all ages is the distractions. Some teachers have noted that there are students who say that they have difficulty concentrating and being accountable. It makes it harder for them to get the motivation to even login on time. Some are not comfortable doing it in a place with their younger siblings. Others find that it’s hard to get into the learning mindset when at home.

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Changes in behavior

You might find that your kids become more irritable or even more emotional during these times. There are a variety of factors that have caused this. It could be because of the stress of uncertainty caused by the virus, anxiety from the infection, or even just the struggle of postponing their life plans. All this can be mentally, emotionally, and physically draining.

Being unable to control the situation can cause people to be more easily frustrated or depressed. Your kids might be feeling overwhelmed with what is going on around them. Some might be dealing with it by bottling up their emotions because they feel that everyone else is already nervous enough. By not properly expressing themselves, they end up lashing out or breaking down out of nowhere. Take note of these kinds of shifts in attitude, and avoid reacting too harshly.

What can parents do

As parents, you have to do your best to be supportive and take the right actions. The best way to show your support is by encouraging them and providing them what they need. If they feel that they need to take a day off or a break from school, it might be a good thing. Time to recoup and get their groove back on is good for their mental health. It won’t do anyone good if you keep forcing them to do things they mentally and physically can’t handle.

Another thing to help them cope with their situation is through counseling. Some parents are not that great at comforting their kids, so seeking a professional is a good choice. They will be able to provide insight into the underlying reasons behind their behavior and performance. If you leave them on their own, their condition might worsen and have lasting consequences.

It’s important to understand that everyone is on edge during this pandemic. Emotions are high, and nobody really knows how to deal with it. That’s why it’s best to approach it with a little bit of patience and understanding.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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