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Preparing for Motherhood during a Pandemic


Being a mother for the first time is both the most exciting and scariest thing there is. Since you have no prior experience, it’s easy to get nervous about your unborn baby’s condition. The situation is made even more difficult when it happens during a pandemic. There is so much to worry about in pregnancy already, and you have to add the fact there is a virus in the air. You want to be a bit more careful while COVID-19 is still fresh and new.

If you are looking for tips on managing this stage in your life, we gathered some helpful tips for mothers who are expecting during a pandemic.

Communicate your feelings

For first time parents, it can be extremely stressful and nerve-racking to have your first pregnancy. This is made worse by the fact that you are doing it during a global pandemic. Your emotions and hormones are already unpredictable as it is, and the situation can trigger your depression and anxiety more. Communicating your concerns and feelings is important in these scenarios.

While there is not much that you can do while on lockdown, you can try to make the best out of the situation by having online calls with loved ones. More than just keeping in touch, let them know of your situation as well. If you are feeling upset both physically and mentally, then informing others is important. In case something happens to you, or they don’t hear from you, they will be aware that something is wrong.

More than just your family, you should also regularly communicate with your OB and doctors about your conditions. They will keep a close eye on any complications caused by either the pregnancy or the virus. There is no telling how the virus can affect your pregnancy. Studies found that increased communication between professionals and women resulted in better service care. This is likely because they are more aware of your condition and needs.

Be selective of your interactions.

As much as you want to celebrate with others, you have to limit the outside interaction. Even after you give birth, you have to be extra careful of who you let near you. New findings found that pregnant women with a severe infection will need more intensive care than those who don’t. Aside from that, one out of four babies born to women with COVID-19 is admitted to the neonatal unit. However, there has yet to be data that connects it to newborn death rates.

What you should be worried about, though, are the effects of the virus in general. Severe cases cause lasting damages to your respiratory system. Those who have gotten it and recovered said that its effects can be felt even months after. You definitely don’t want to risk it, so hold off on the baby showers for now. If you live with people who are going out to work, you can improve your interior design changes to have rooms that separate you from high risk. This can be a temporary setup until the pandemic subsides.

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Disinfect all items bought outside

If you are ordering cribs or toys online, you still need to disinfect the items. People leave tiny droplets when they cough and talk. This can stay on the surfaces of packages and deliveries. Once you touch them and it gets near your mouth, that could leave you open to infection. You won’t be able to track where it goes either because it goes through various people.

Wash items thoroughly with soap and water. You can also use a bleach solution for items with large surfaces. Rubbing alcohol is also a viable option for disinfecting.

Seek help from close individuals

One of the challenges of the pandemic is getting household necessities. Since you can’t go out, it is best to seek help from your partner when available. As we said earlier, you have to avoid going outside and exposing yourself to the virus. Having other people get, it means that you know where it has gone and has more security. When possible, try to have your items delivered to you instead.

If you absolutely must move around, then ask someone to take you to avoid commuting. These people will most likely disinfect and clean the inside of their cars. Buses and trains get too many people to clean their surfaces safely. This is important, especially when you’re going to the hospital for your regular checkups.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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