Travel Prep: Tips For Wig Wearers


In many ways, taking care of a wig is a lot more convenient than caring for natural hair—but this may not always be true when you’re traveling. Some wig wearers even ask themselves if it’s worth bringing their wig on a trip, afraid of it getting damaged in some way while traveling.

Before you cut out the idea of packing your wig completely, we’re here to tell you that yes, traveling with a wig can be easy. All you have to do is prepare by:

  1. Finding the right container for your wig

Wigs can experience all sorts of damage if you pack them improperly in your luggage. Of course, you shouldn’t just throw your wig in there along with everything else, but you also have to find the right container for it. A Ziploc bag can work in most cases, but if you can, invest in a silk bag to keep your wig safe and untangled in your luggage. Better yet, roll it in a net before putting it in the bag, especially if the hair is long.

Packing multiple wigs

If you are traveling with multiple wigs, find a bag that can fit your wigs and keep them from getting tangled up with each other. On a budget? Roll your wigs, put them in nets, and pack them into separate bags before you put them in your luggage.

  1. Opting for synthetic wigs

When you’re going on vacation, you may be inclined to bring your most expensive wig made out of human hair. However, keep in mind that a lot of things can happen to your wig while traveling. If you’re not willing to take that risk, pack your synthetic fiber wigs instead.

  1. Preparing for airport security

TSA agents are trained to recognize hairpieces, and they may ask you to remove them for inspection while you go through security. If they do, you can ask to hold your wig down while they take a look underneath it. In most cases, they pat down your wig to ensure that you are not carrying any illegal objects underneath it. They don’t always have to touch your wig, but if they do, you can request that they wear a new pair of gloves.

If you have to remove your wig (which is unlikely but can happen) and are uncomfortable doing so in front of other people, feel free to ask them to do it in a private room. All these things considered, ensure that you arrive early at the airport to give yourself enough time to go through security.

  1. Investing in a wig stand
    wig stand

Before you leave for a trip, consider investing in a wig stand to keep your wig safe and tidy while you’re not wearing it. Most wig wearers drape their wigs over chairs or place them on tables while in their hotel rooms, but this is not always sanitary nor great for the quality of your wig.

If you’re worried about a wig, stand taking up too much space in your luggage, find a wig stand that is collapsible and made of plastic so that it is both lightweight and space-saving. If you’re going on a long trip, you can also buy a wig stand when you get to your destination.

  1. Packing detanglers in your carry-on and day bag

Your wig is probably going to look at least a little bit disheveled when you step off the plane. That said, you would want to have a detangling spray and a wide-tooth comb to get things in order before leaving the airport.

Furthermore, pack detangling essentials in your day bag so that you are always ready to tame your wig on the go. This way, you don’t have to go back to your hotel to fix a bad wig day while in the middle of vacation.

  1. Packing all of your products

Pack all of the products that you need for your wig. If they take up too much space in your luggage, transfer enough product into travel-sized containers (and don’t forget to label them!). If you’re leaving for a long trip, you can also consider just buying the essentials at your destination, but keep in mind that not all places carry the specific brands that you use.

Traveling with a wig doesn’t have to be an extra hassle on your part. By following these preparation tips, you can ensure that your wig is well taken care of and that you don’t have to be preoccupied with taking care of it while you’re on vacation.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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