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A Whole New Life at 60


Most people are afraid that by the time they reach a certain age, what they can do will be limited. And while that has some truth to it, nobody should let their fears govern their desires. That’s why a lot of adolescents and young adults prefer to live while they’re young, but no one ever said you couldn’t live past the ripe old age of 60.

In fact, when people reach this golden age, they are given benefits just for still being alive. That’s because a whole new life begins at 60, where bones may be fragile and the heart may be weaker, but the spirit can still dance ‘til dawn. No stopping anyone can get down to the boogie when the beat drops.

By 60, you’ll be eligible to enter a community specifically made for you: a whole new world of independent senior living. In this place, you’ll be free to make new friends, rekindle your old passions, and rediscover the culture and the arts. You’ll have the independence of a college student but with your wisdom, so you won’t be making the same mistakes twice. Unless you deliberately choose to do so.

Making New Friends

When you enter a home, you’ll be introduced to the people in your age group. That means you’ll immediately get over the barrier of the age gap and proceed to getting to know everyone and making new friends. That idea of meeting new people seems impossible if you’re just living where you grew up, but when you’re in the same community, the sky is the limit!

Living in a home for the aged is not all caregivers and check-ups, in fact, it’s more of bingo nights and afternoons with tea. You can spend time with the people who can relate to what you’re going through because they might be experiencing the same thing. It’s easier to connect and make new bonds that can last a lifetime.

Rekindling Old Passions

When you were younger, you might have been into dancing or playing instruments. You might have wanted to pursue singing because you had the voice of an angel, but then you had to put your passions aside in exchange for financial stability. All the more if you had a big family you needed to take care of. But now that your children are all grown up and taking care of their own offspring, it’s high time you get back to your own passion

Pick up that guitar, warm up those vocal cords, put on those dancing shoes, or go crazy with the paint. Nothing is stopping you from getting back in sync with your passions, so reignite the thing that makes your blood flow. Life is too short to not do what you want, and you should know that by now.

You might have told your younger self that you’ll pick up your passion later on in life, but this is the “later on.” So go ahead and begin right away because there is no more time for regrets.

Rediscover Culture and the Arts

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At this point, you should know that this is the time to do everything you ever wanted to do when you were young, but couldn’t because of responsibilities and time constraints. You’ve always wanted to watch your favorite sports team live? Go! Spend the day as a tourist museum-hopping and visiting the most famous spots in your hometown? Why not! Take up pottery lessons or finger-painting classes? No one is stopping you.

Everyone calls 60 “the golden age” and this is the reason why. If you’ve spent your whole life taking care of your family, then this is the best time for you to take care of yourself for a change. And while you’re at it, allow the people at your home to take care of you while you focus on learning something new or spending time doing what you love.

Being independent doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t get help when you need it. Lucky for you, living in a home takes out that fear of asking for help by giving it to you before you even ask for it.

Life is too hard to do everything on your own anyway, so allow other people into your life and let them take care of you in the best way they know. All you have left to do is relax and live your life the way you want to without fear and reservations because a life lived in fear is a life that is wasted.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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