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Build a Home That Encourages Kids to be More Active


Nowadays, kids are so well-versed in technology that it has become their go-to activity when they’re bored. Unfortunately, this means most kids aren’t that physically active as they used to be. Many don’t realize that kids don’t necessarily have to grow up being addicted to gadgets. If the option to do something else is given to them, then they’ll surely take it with the right encouragement. ;

You can help them be fitter by creating spaces that let them be more active. Here are ways you can renovate your home and encourage them to be on their feet more.

Add a mini court

Giving kids alternative options to fun is a great way to make sure they learn to become more active. Having your own home court for a particular sport can get them curious and make them want to play it more. Studies said that kids who played sports showed an 88 percent improvement in their physical health. Sports are a great way to stay active as well as develop their interpersonal skills. It teaches them about teamwork and good sportsmanship.

What’s great about this option is that you don’t have to spend much on it either. It can be as simple as putting a basketball hoop or a soccer net on the side. An even better option is if you get equipment for a two-person activity such as badminton rackets. Children will be a lot more motivated and enthusiastic about playing outside if their family plays with them.

Depending on what you choose and your locations, you may need to install barriers around the court. This is to prevent balls from going out of bounds and disturbing your neighbors.

Get a deck or patio

Having an open space is a great way for kids to start playing games that require more running and movement. No child likes it when they are being told off for running in the house. You can redirect their energy to an open space, where they can’t bump or break anything. This is a better option because you aren’t discouraging active behavior.

If there isn’t a lot of space inside the house for you to work with, you can get renovation to add a patio or roof deck. Many companies offer decking options that fit the layout of your home and your needs. Not only are these options a great way to add fitness into your life, but it also increases the value of your home.

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Clear out the yard

Are you making the best use of your backyard? Simply being outdoors is great for your physical and mental health. Psychologists say that being outdoors can lower the risk of depression and reduce stress. When outside, they get a lot more fresh air and natural sunlight. Seeing natural landscapes and plants also does something to your brain to make it perform better.

If you have a backyard that the kids don’t often go to, you can fix it up to make it a favorable spot for any occasion. One option you can do is clear out the area to have more space in the center. The added space can be a place for them to run around and play.

Another option you can do is add some outdoor seats. Some people have sunrooms that help them bask in nature, but having shade and chairs is enough. You can try doing stuff that you normally do inside to the outside. Things like reading a book or having breakfast will be a lot different when it’s within nature.

Install a mini climbing wall

For those that are more adventurous, one cool idea you can do is get a rock climbing wall at home! Most parents are scared of their kids getting hurt, but this can actually make them more confident and be a positive experience for them.

If you’re ever seen a toddler try to climb a wall for the first time, then you’ll realize right away that these little guys are actually a lot better at it than adults. They have natural instincts and fewer hesitations, which makes them more adept at the sport. Make sure that you have the right floor padding for it.

When building a climbing wall, you have to consider the integrity of the wall. Have someone inspect whether the wall can support the additional infrastructures. You can buy different holds for when you build the structure. Some people also install them on the side of the house’s exterior wall for days where it’s too hot to be outside.

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