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Style Alternatives for Eye Makeup


Makeup is undoubtedly an essential element of a woman’s life. Contrary to what naysayers might think, it will not mask your beauty but rather highlight it. Makeup can become the primary weapon that brings out your confidence and beauty irrespective of your age and emotional and physical flaws. Even so, you will only reap all these benefits of makeup when it is expertly applied.

Hiring a professional makeup artist in Gold Coast is not a privilege of celebrities, the rich, or reserved for special occasions. You can have the artist apply your makeup daily because the service is quite inexpensive. This way, you are sure that your makeup look matches the occasion you are attending and complements your natural beauty.

One element an artist will focus on for a perfect look is your eyes. These are, after all, the windows to your soul and what most people will focus on when talking to you. The following are the styles of eye makeup that might suit you:

Cat-eye makeup

This is one of the hottest styles of eye makeup and has been around for ages. It basically comprises a winged eyeliner that generates an upturned eye appearance. Several variations of the cat-eye style exist with differences among their creases, thickness, and ‘wing’ shape. The curvy cat-eye, for instance, ends in a j-shaped wing while the triangular cat-eye has an inward turn that looks like a hook. For the best-looking face, most artists will recommend using a thin, flexible lip to complement the cat-eye.

Smokey eye makeup

This is bold and dramatic. It is thus often used for evening parties. The secret to a flawless smokey eye look lies in the use of three shades from one color family to create it. The lightest color will be used over the eyelids to the brow bone while the middle tone is used on the eyelid to your crease. The darkest shade lines the outer edges of your eye. The look is then finished with several mascara coats.

Shimmery eye makeup

This is a romantic and timeless look that works for ladies of all ages. Its application starts with a champagne-toned shimmery eye shadow in a light tone on your eyelids’ inner half. A shimmery gold tone is then used on the outer half. Depth is generated with the shimmery eye makeup by accentuating the upper eyelid with a dark eye shadow. The look is completed with several mascara coats.

Natural eye makeup

natural eye makeup

This look remains stylish despite being one of the oldest. The natural eye style is generally used for office and daytime looks to highlight the eyes. The often-used eye shadow to get a natural look is matte. A dark eye shadow will be swept to the brow bone from your eyelid’s crease. This is layers along your eyelash line then softly blended until it naturally fades along the ridge.

The above eye makeup styles can transform you from the lady next door to a ravishing beauty. All in all, there are several ways of customizing the styles to suit you. Most artists will use a primer beforehand to guarantee eye makeup lasts for an extended time.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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