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Stuck in the Dark: Where the Issue in Your Lighting Might Lie


When our lights get busted, we usually replace them with new ones. However, in the rare moments when simple replacement doesn’t work, we are left in the dark, literally and figuratively.

There are several possible reasons why your lights suddenly wouldn’t work, and sometimes, there aren’t any signs leading up to it. For a specific solution, reach out to electrical repair services in Utah to fix it for you. To make a more sound diagnosis, explore these electrical possibilities.

The circuit breaker is busted.

First, you need to determine if it’s just a lighting problem or something worse. If it’s only the lighting fixture in a particular room, then its parts may be busted. But if your other lighting fixtures also won’t work, then it might be a circuit breaker problem.

However, don’t go and reset your breaker just yet. It’s possible that the breaker has detected an overload or a live wire and is only tripping the current to protect the circuit. Try unplugging all appliances and plug them one by one to know which component is causing it to trip.

The socket tab is out of shape.

If you’ve isolated the issue to your lighting fixture, then it’s time to check its part, starting with the easiest fix: the socket tab. If the brass tab doesn’t touch the bulb’s contact point sufficiently, the power arcs, causing the bulb to burn out faster.

First, turn off the power and check if the brass tab inside the socket has rust or is too bent. If it’s just a rust problem, then wipe it clean to establish better contact. If it’s a warped tab, grab a pair of pliers. Carefully clutch the sides of the tab and pull the ends up so that they’re about a quarter off an inch off the socket’s base to form a more solid contact with the bulb’s contact point.

The switch tab isn’t working.

You can tell that the switch is the problem if the bulb constantly flickers or if there’s a crackling or sizzling sound inside the switch wall that indicates a faulty connection.

To replace, turn off the power first. Then, unscrew the panel, gently lift off the switch plate with a screwdriver, and slowly pull the wires loose. If it’s a single-pole switch, there will be three wires: a white neutral wire, a green ground wire, and a black hot wire. Loop the end of the wires around the corresponding screw terminals with the same color in your new switch. Twist it tightly into position before screwing the switch back into the wall.

There’s a loose wire up there.

Light bulb

It’s also possible that a wire inside your ceiling that brings power to the light has been frayed or worn out due to moisture, heating problems, or a rodent gnawing off the insulation.

When repairing the fixture, you’re looking to work with the same three wires. However, if the problem is inside your ceiling, then it’s probably time to seek professional help. Not only will you have your hands full if you try to do it yourself, but you might also endanger your electrical system if you do it as an amateur.

Don’t delay diagnosing the problem so that you can immediately decide whether you should call a licensed electrician. You wouldn’t want to night time to come with a busted light!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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