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Pawenting Together: Three Reasons You Can’t Raise Your Dog Alone


Your dog may think that you’re the alpha, but you can’t be the only one they respect. A dog demands more of your time, energy, and patience than you might expect for them to develop into well-rounded dogs.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t try to deal with raising a puppy on your own, even if it’s only the two of you in the house. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a lot of people for your dog to grow up at its best.

Dogs Need to Socialize

One of the primary and most overlooked reasons for this is socialization. A dog that behaves well at home but scares everybody else when you’re outside is under-socialized. They don’t know yet that the people and things they encounter outside aren’t out to get them, so they always have their guards up.

You can deal with this fear response with regular dog classes. You’ll meet other pet owners and their canines, which will acclimatize your own fur baby to their companionship.

When classes aren’t enough and you’re having trouble with your dog’s stubbornness, look for dog training services. Don’t be afraid to check out trainers near you for professional help.

Trainers aim not only to teach your dog; they’ll also educate you on how best to handle them as they grow up. Specific breeds have their specific quirks, and learning from an expert is always worth your buck in preventing headaches in raising your dog.

You Have a Lot to Learn

cute puppyConnecting with other fur parents makes it easier to get tips and tricks on how to handle things such as potty training. No two dogs are exactly alike. They have their own set of personalities that warrants plenty of trial and error when it comes to training them. One method that works for your friend’s pup might not work for yours. Having a pool of people to ask for advice can ease the burden of fur parenting.

If you’re raising your dog with your family, then you can share the ups and downs of the experience. It’s also better for your dog to know that you’re not the only one they can trust and obey. Other family members should learn how to handle pet ownership, too, since you’re all living under one roof. You’ll find many testimonies in group classes and forums attesting to the benefits of working together in caring for their dogs.

You’re Not Inseparable

There’s another important reason your dog needs to be comfortable with other people. As much as you want to stay by each other’s side all the time, it’s not possible.

There are times when you’ll have to go on a business trip or an emergency visit to the doctor. It’s difficult asking someone to babysit when your dog scares off anyone who steps into your home.

Allowing them to bond with your friends and family members can ease its separation anxiety whenever you have to go away.

You can even take days off from walking your dog if you can ask someone for the favor. Bear in mind that you won’t always be in tip-top shape or available, so having a helping hand your dog trusts makes a difference.

A dog’s lifespan is shorter than yours, and they don’t have the entertainment and options that you do. You are your dog’s parent, best friend, and leader. It’s up to you to give them the good life they deserve by letting other people become a part of your special bond.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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