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Bracing Yourself for Braces: Food That You Can Still Enjoy


So you have discovered that your teeth are a little crooked. Big deal, right? There is nothing that a little alignment could fix. When you visit your orthodontist, they will most likely tell you to wear braces. These are tiny brackets, usually made of metal, attached to your teeth. They will do their job of pulling all your pearly whites together until they are straightened out. Those wires will have to be worn within the next three years

You can expect to have braces removed in eighteen months, though. That six-month difference can be huge for some, but what is more important is that you are doing something for your oral health. There are some dos and don’ts while you wear braces, but you must be concerned about your diet. Here are some amazing types of food you can consume while you have your brackets on:


Eating healthy involves lots of fruits and vegetables. The problem is that most of them are quite demanding on the teeth. Biting into an apple requires quite a bit of force if you are craving for it. If you wear braces, you’d better be careful with the food you are biting into. 

Crunchy fruits can push on or belt your braces, but if you still want fruits to enjoy, look no further than bananas. They have that soft texture and sweet taste, and they are a perfect snack, as they do not really require you to chew on them.

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On the subject of fruits, there are myriad ways to prepare and serve them. One of the most refreshing and easy ways to get some into your system while you wear braces is smoothies. These preserve the juices and flavors of mostly any fruit that you want. The contents and nutrients would still be enough to keep you filled. Consuming a cold treat such as a smoothie is also good if you have those little wounds on your inner cheek. 


How could you eat something more substantial when you wear braces? The quick answer is eggs. They have a lot of nutrients inside that little shell. They are also quite easy to prepare, and you can cook them in a number of ways. 

Most people like to have them boiled, while others enjoy them fried as a viand or a side dish. Their soft texture is not too hard on the teeth, and they are something you can bite on without worries. If you want to mix them up, you can pair them with a savory soup or porridge.

Ice Cream

If you are hankering for desserts, chocolates and candy are out of the question. They stick to your teeth like glue, and it would be doubly hard to clean them off. If you want to satisfy your sweet cravings, go for ice cream. It is soft and quickly melts in your mouth. You also have some dairy content going into your body, which is good for your bones. Make sure that you gargle with water after you are done eating to wash away any residue.

Just because your teeth have braces does not mean that you have to starve yourself. There are still many kinds of food out there that you can consume without fear of affecting the metal brackets. It is still a long way to go, especially if you just had yours done. Think of things that you can eat and enjoy them until your braces are removed.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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