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Parenting Amid the Pandemic: How Parents Can Keep Up


Being a parent is nowhere near easy. But after COVID-19 became a world health crisis, it only changed everything for the worst. Not only do parents need to make sure that they can provide well for their family while caring for their kids and keeping up with their chores. Now, the fear of the unknown and ensuring the safety of the whole family against the pandemic also make their role a more stressful one.

Ever since the pandemic, everyone has been advised to take extra precautionary measures just to avoid getting infected with the virus. This does not only add stress and burden to already exhausted parents. This also keeps them on their toes, as more responsibilities are added to their plates. How can one navigate parenting and stay sane during the pandemic?

Find a reliable daycare provider

Childcare will always be a critical need for all parents. But since we have a global health crisis these days, it can be hard to care for our kids 24/7. This is especially true when working from home is not an option. The good news is that there are still some reliable daycare providers open during these challenging times.

By taking your child to a daycare center that is doing a good job accommodating your child’s needs while you work, you get that peace of mind, knowing that they are kept safe during their stay. This is especially true since taking kids to work is no longer safe. You can focus on your job, while your kid gets to play and learn.

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Consider remote work

Since the pandemic, many parents have shifted to telecommuting so that they can take care of their kids who are out of school. If your company allows you to start working remotely, then you can consider this option. You can also opt to find a remote job if you get laid off due to your company closing indefinitely.

By working from home, you can keep your child company and still provide for their needs. Of course, shifting to remote work is not easy. There are lots of challenges you can face, including navigating childcare and your new work setup at the same time. There is a need to set boundaries and ensure that your work won’t be affected even while caring for your child.

Find support when you need it

It is not easy to find support when social distancing and crowd gatherings are not advised. With all the stress the pandemic has caused and triggered, one of the best ways to deal with this is by getting the support you need from your loved ones. Thankfully, technology makes it easier for us to keep in touch. It may not be physical support, but this is better than nothing.

Of course, if you honestly believe that your mental health is now suffering, talk to an expert. You may not need to go to a clinic just to consult with a mental health professional. These days, you can find support from professionals who now offer remote services.

These are just three things that can be of great help to parents struggling during the pandemic. Remember that getting the right support is essential for your mental health. If you have the same issues mentioned above, then you can use this list as your guide.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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