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On Choosing a Small Home: Ideas and Inspiration


There are many things currently taking place because of the pandemic. People have been told to stay indoors for the foreseeable future or until the vaccines have been rolled out to every corner of the world. There are those who’d rather focus on their homes or something they could change.

Staying at home has led to a lot of small improvement projects being finally started, with a few having been finished after the longest time. Some people have begun calling open flooring companies for help. Others have tried to re-arrange furniture just to give their home a new appearance. Some people find it easier if they’re incidentally living in a small home.

There’s a case to be made on picking a small home, especially if you live alone or you are newlywed. Sift through this list for inspiration on what could be a very worthwhile and lifelong project.

Why a Small Home?

There’s a lot of things that people love about small homes; some of these may be cosmetic while others love how it helps them save more on energy bills and the like. A small home can be an efficient energy saver. Eco-friendly warriors will also find themselves ‘home’ if they move into a small home.

A common small home typically has 20 square meters of floor space, but some people feel like they’re not cramped nor are any space wasted when at this house. Energy use is efficient and only used for what you really need, and some people save money because of this.

If you want the small home experience, here are a few ideas on renovations or what you can take as inspiration for designs.

Easier to Pick Out Colors and Designs

If you’re designing a new home, taking inspiration from other designs is crucial. This also means that you’ll have to deck your home in different colors or try different designs. You can take some inspiration from designs that have been used before.

The trouble with bigger homes is that there is a lot of space to design. Some people love huge spaces as it serves as a canvas for their ideas. Some just don’t operate well when there’s a lot of room to consider. Pick out small homes if you think you’ll have trouble deciding on a common theme and color for the entire house.

The Small Home Office

Since the pandemic started, most work has been transferred from the office to the home. Employees and employers got into remote work arrangements. For the most part, some employees took to it as a fish takes to water, but not everyone was built for the home office lifestyle.

If your home isn’t built for it yet and you’ve got some space in your small home, why not try to create your very own small office? If you’ve got some space under your stairs, you could transform that into your very own office space. It also depends on how much space that small corner gives you.

A Kid’s Bedroom that Goes Up

This is another good design for a small home. If you have children, you’ll want to maximize every space you can out of their room. This is because a small home isn’t typically built for large families, but it can very well be designed to accommodate them.

A loft bed is perfect for your children, no matter how many they are. You could create two loft beds and the lower deck could be transformed into any type of space. Be it a study area or space for their wardrobe, consider creating this design into your children’s bedroom.

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An Instagram-worthy Kitchen

In the age of Instagram (IG), people are always on the lookout for the next best image on the web. There are a lot of home designs that have been shared with people looking for them because of this. The small home has become popular because of designs shared on the web.

If you’re interested, your small home kitchen could become popular if it features a galley design. That’s two parallel counters or runs facing each other and forming a narrow corridor. Your galley kitchen could actually make it easier for you to prepare meals, as everything is within short reach of you.

These are only a few ideas that could be incorporated into your small home design. These are meant to inspire, you’ll have a few ideas of your own. Make the most out of your small home space to enjoy your life living in your dream small home.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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