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No Sweat: 3 Signs Your Workouts Are Too Easy


A workout routine won’t work out well if it’s too easy. For one, you wouldn’t see results. Not a budge in the weighing scale or a toned muscle in your tummy. Moreover, you’d quickly grow bored in a month or two, precisely because you’re not challenged.

Sooner or later, you’d find yourself slipping back to your couch potato self, slacking off in your fitness goals. The thing about ‘easy workouts’ though is, it’s quite a bit tricky to know if you’re not working out hard enough. Each one has a different feel of fitness intensity.

What could be effortless for your gym buddy may be grueling for you and vice versa, right? So, what’s best measurement? The best thing to do is to listen to your own body (and not your gym buddy’s) as you watch out for these signs:

You have the same routine since day one.

When you start off a workout, you probably find it difficult to sustain it for half an hour or so. You’re sweating crazy or panting so much 15 minutes in. But then as you do it over and over again, your body becomes used to it.

In fact, at this point, you probably enjoy working out, and you don’t see it as a dreadful day chore. Now, fun is good. But it can be distracting, too. You might not notice that you’ve gone too comfortable already with your once-difficult workout.

The best thing to do to avoid this is to change up your routines every after a month. Have a mix of different workouts as well in a week.

Consider consulting coaches in fitness centers in Fremont. Personal training programs there may just be what you need in introducing your body to new challenges and exercise varieties.

You don’t feel sore after.

When you do a hard workout, it’s guaranteed that there would be tears in your muscles after. You’d feel sore 24–48 hours post workout. This damage to the muscles allow tissues to repair themselves and grow stronger. That’s what you want to get from an exercise.

So if you’re not experiencing soreness, you may not have pushed your body to new limits. Beware though of gauging your workouts just on how sore your body is. If you’re not feeling pain, you may be tempted to over train. This is no better than taking it easy on workouts.

It would stall your progress, at the same time, put your health at risk. People who over train suffer from extreme exhaustion, muscle pains, insomnia, poor immunity, and sometimes depression. Consult a personal trainer how you can strike a balance in your workout routines.

You are able to hold a conversation.

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At the end of a good, hard workout, you’d definitely be catching your breath that you won’t be able to do a chit-chat with a friend, let alone complete a coherent sentence. You might just find yourself just lying face down on the floor.

So, if you’re able to hold a conversation with your gym buddy, then it’s time to take things up a notch. It may be helpful to think of your workout as a competition game. Try outperforming the person next to you at the gym. It may just rev you up, let you focus on your thing, and postpone the chit-chat with your friend later.

Workouts are supposed to challenge you. They should enable you to hit fitness goals and results. So, the question stands, are your exercises too easy? Is it time to level up your routine?

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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