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Moving Homes: The Importance of Community and Good Neighbours


When looking for a new house, many people only focus on the location, floor plan, interior design and other visible features of the property. But there’s one more factor you should consider — the community.

Choosing a home with good neighbours is important. It will play a big role in how happy or contented you will be in your new home. So before buying that property for sale in Manor Lakes or signing that lease agreement for a home in another state,  let’s look at how important it is to be part of a good community.

Happiness and contentment

Having a supportive community right around the corner will help keep you and your family happy and contented. You and your family will never feel alone, and you know you’ll always have a helping hand. After all, it won’t feel like home if you don’t get along with the people around you.

Living in such a neighbourhood can also contribute to the development of your children. Those who grew up in a tight-knit community are more likely to succeed in school and have a positive social development


When neighbours look out for each other, then it’s likely that the community will be a much safer place. You and your family will always feel protected, knowing no one close will think of harming you.

Support Group

neighbours talkingIn a good community, it is common for neighbours to share a common bond and hang out together. That’s why book clubs, movie nights and other social gatherings are prevalent. If you’re a stay-at-home mum, belonging to a community will help you find people with the same likes and interests as you.


Having good neighbours will not only mean you have caring and supportive people around you. It’s also an opportunity to connect and network with professionals and people in different careers. You might have a neighbour who’s highly skilled in the IT field. Perhaps, someday your business will need a professional like him to work with you or give you expert advice.

Joint projects

If your neighbourhood has a community of people who share the same passion, it paves the way for fruitful projects. You and your neighbours might share a common interest in gardening. You could all come together and create a community garden that makes your area a better place for everyone.


In the movies, you’ve probably seen neighbours coming together on weekends for a backyard party. This happens in real life. And having a healthy relationship with people next door can benefit your family, especially your children.

Again, children who grow up in a strong and healthy community will learn the skills and attitudes that will help their character development. Plus, it’s an opportunity for them to gain friends.

Helping hands

When you have good neighbours, you have a few more helping hands if you’re in need. You’ll needn’t face difficulties alone because you have the support of people around you. Need to do an errand but running late for work? You can always ask for help from a neighbour.

Living in a place where there’s a strong sense of community will play a significant role in your life and that of your children. So before moving in, take a moment to assess the community of your chosen property.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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