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Master’s Mistakes: Common Errors People Make When Training Their Dog


Many people want to own a dog that always follows orders and doesn’t cause trouble for anyone. However, it doesn’t come naturally, and owners have to work in order to train their pets. Keep an eye out for these mistakes as they may undo your efforts when you realize them too late.

Not Starting Early

Many people wait until their dog gets used to the house before they decide to train them. Unfortunately, it may be too late if that’s the case. Training should be done early in order to get your pet used to the house in the proper way. If you can’t handle doing it yourself, then call a dog obedience training service in Jacksonville, FL. Paying one set amount for quality training is better than paying for damage that your dog might cause.

Being Inconsistent

Some people treat their dogs as if they are people by letting them get away with some mischief once in a while. However, this may confuse them when the time comes for you to reprimand them for those same actions. Also, many people use the same words for different actions. You must remember that when it comes to dogs, good should be clearly taught as good, and bad should be bad. Any positive behavior should be rewarded, and any negative behavior should be corrected.

Showing Impatience

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It doesn’t just take a lot of work to properly own a dog; it also takes quite a bit of patience. Showing impatience isn’t an issue in and of itself, but it can drive you to, for example, issue commands in the wrong way. You may find yourself saying them more than once in succession, making your dog get the idea that it’s okay not to obey the first time around. Showing anger can also scare some dogs as well.

Rewarding Bad Behavior

Many dog owners don’t realize that they’ve been giving their dog rewards for exhibiting bad behavior. For example, if your dog begs for food all the time, that’s usually because you’ve taught it that begging long enough will give them what they want, which is food. Another example is when they start pulling on their leash and trying to drag you along. If you go with them, that teaches them that they can pull hard enough and you will eventually take them to where they want to go.

Being Too Harsh

Some people believe in dealing harsh punishment such as beating, kicking, and yelling. They think that since their dogs are animals, they deserve it. However, when you do it enough, they will come to either fear you or be aggressive around you and other people. And that’s behavior that you don’t want any dog to develop. It’s much better to reward good behavior and correct bad behavior firmly yet compassionately.

Basically, when you’re training your dog, it proves helpful to make things simple for them. You should always say what you mean and mean what you say. They should also get the reward they deserve for doing what you want them to do.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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