A Makeover That Will Make You Smile


A perfect smile increases one’s attractiveness. It gives you an excellent first impression when you make professional and personal visits. But not everyone is lucky to have a naturally perfect smile. Thankfully, there is a solution for getting a flawless look with a smile makeover. This is also called a smile rejuvenation and can transform your smile within the shortest possible time.
The smile makeover process starts with a consultation with a dentist at a Scottsdale dental clinic near your home. They can examine your dental health and consider which options suit you to give you a dazzling smile. A smile makeover may not seem much, but it does wonders to your confidence, attractiveness and self-esteem. Here are the aesthetic elements involved in a smile makeover.

Many people think the perfect smile requires pearly white teeth. But tooth discoloration is a normal consequence of aging, so many people want whiter teeth to make them look younger. They consider replacing amalgamated dental fillings with composite ones that match their natural tooth color.

For some people, teeth whitening suffices for stained or dulled teeth. Porcelain veneers, bonding, and crowns can nonetheless be used to get spotless teeth even for mature adults. Cosmetic dentistry ultimately aims for a balance between pearly white teeth and your natural tooth color to achieve a smile that looks natural.

Alignment and Spacing

Misaligned and poorly spaced teeth are common issues that contribute to a not-so-perfect smile. The gaps in your teeth and misshapen teeth can be corrected using orthodontic appliances like braces to move and align teeth into a proper position. Metal braces are not as popular nowadays and have been primarily replaced by Invisalign. These are clear braces that move your teeth discretely. For small gaps and slightly crooked teeth, the dentist might recommend dental bonding and veneers.

Missing Teeth

People can lose their permanent teeth to trauma or extractions. These extractions are often due to severe dental infections or damage. Missing teeth will not just affect your smile, but they also affect your facial structure because they can cause the jawbone to shrink. This tooth loss can cause teeth to shift and affect your bite and overall appearance. Missing teeth are addressed in dental care using partial bridges, implants, and bridges.

Balance and Harmony

A smile makeover can also correct uneven and cracked teeth. These are bonded using tooth-colored resin to improve their look. Gummy smiles resulting from too much gum tissue also affects the appearance of your smile.
In the past, this was corrected using crowns, veneers, crown lengthening and jaw surgery. Laser gum re-contouring is the modern treatment option for gummy smiles. This procedure removes the excess gum tissue through laser cauterization to minimize bleeding and hasten recovery.
There are now different procedures and treatments for a smile makeover. With the proper consultation and treatment, you are sure to get the smile you desire. Thankfully, the treatment options are inexpensive and can be tweaked to meet any patient’s needs, so you have no excuse when you don’t have a winning smile.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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