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Hair Myths that Should Be Debunked Now


To be healthy, you need to watch what you eat and have an exercise routine. That amount of care should also apply to skin and hair care. Speaking of hair care, you should know the right way of keeping your hair in its best form.

For your regular hair fix, you should trust only reputable hair salons that use professional cutting shears and other high-quality hair tools for their clients. For one thing, it is not enough that you use popular hair care brands to better-looking hair. More often than not, you will also need help from professional hairstylists for your needs.

Stop believing these hair myths

Taking care of your hair is vital as it can be an indicator of one’s overall health. If you experience hair fall, it might be due to stress. If you experience dry hair and split ends, they might be due to the lack of nutrition from the food you eat. Hair problems can also be due to the use of wrong hair care products.

These are the reasons why we need to pay attention to our hair. Our hair is our crowning glory, and it only deserves the best possible care we can give. However, some so-called hair care routines can be damaging to our hair. Are you guilty of doing these?

1. Brushing your hair 100 times

We are made to believe that brushing your hair 100 times before bedtime can make your hair healthier. However, it can do the opposite. Excessive combing or brushing can cause friction and lead to weak and thinning hair.

2. Your hair will turn gray due to stress.

Graying hair is a natural thing, especially when we get older. Some people tend to have gray hair at an early age due to their genetics. Whether we like it or not, our hair will turn gray at some point but not definitely due to personal problems.

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3. Frequent haircuts can make your hair grow faster.

This is not necessarily true. For one, regular haircuts can help get rid of split ends that can affect healthier hair growth. Also, hair naturally grows faster during the summer season as the warm weather helps in circulation in the scalp and skin.

4. Shampooing your hair can cause shedding and hair fall.

It is recommended to wash your hair regularly using shampoo. It will help remove oil buildup and other impurities that can affect growth and even make hair fall worse. The real culprit behind excessive hair loss is mostly stress.

5. Do not color your hair while pregnant.

This stems from the concern that pregnant women might inhale ammonia (a common ingredient in hair color) and affect the unborn baby. However, expert debunks this idea. Ammonia levels in hair color products are not enough to affect one’s pregnancy. However, it is up to you whether you want to skip hair coloring or opt for ammonia-free hair dyes.

There are some things in life that seem too “logical” to be wrong. It is essential to do your research so that you can care for your health more effectively.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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