Making an Impression: More than Words and Appearance


First impressions last. It is always important to present one’s self as pleasing as possible to make a good impression. Who would know that a person is kind and understanding to people if others are only looking at him from a distance? This is why presenting yourself is important. Remember that making a great first impression is not just about how you present yourself to the public. Most of the time, it is also how you react and speak.

There are a lot of ways to show your personality nicely. A simple smile or even what a person wears could make a difference. What are the things to consider if a person wants to improve? Here are some ways to make a great first impression.

Have a bright smile

The science behind smiling at people helps boost their mood and reduce stress, and projects a positive vibe towards others. Smiling gives the impression of how welcoming and approachable a person can be. If there is a problem with how you smile due to dental issues, you can always go to an orthodontics clinic to get that perfect smile. Smiling is a way to create a positive attitude and gain confidence. It also attracts and fascinates other people. Smiling also helps a person to engage in better conversations and reduce the risk of trouble.

Dress to impress

It does not have to be an expensive suit or branded clothes to look appealing. Ironing the clothes and make sure that they are clean would make a person look presentable. One trick to look neat is to shine the shoes you are always wearing. Clean and shiny shoes will always get the impression of being neat at all times. Even if the shoes are partnered with ripped jeans, clean shoes will always stand out. Remember to dress up, even if it is just a simple gathering. This is also one way to gain respect from others. Clean and well-ironed clothes will always help other people achieve the impression they want.

Keep it neat and simple


Do not forget to comb your hair and cut your nails. A neat approach is the most appealing way to get a good impression. A pleasant body odor also gives a great impression and attracts more people. Being neat will allow a person to approach anybody without getting the rejection, compared to a stinking look. Being neat also maintains a person’s image as a professional and gives an impression that they were brought up well. However, everybody does not need to be overdressed and organized. Just keep it simple but also brush your teeth. Nobody wants to talk to a person who looks gross.

Choose what to say and be true

This time, it is about the words everybody has to say. Choose the right words to say and say them with conviction. Make other people feel the sincerity of the words that come out of your mouth. Everybody needs to realize that whatever words they say measures the rate of their knowledge. A great way to earn respect is how to speak properly. Look at life coaches and great politicians and listen to what they say. Ask yourself why they earn respect from other people and how they inspire them. Honesty is always the best policy. Everybody just needs to be truthful in what they say. This helps a person convince other people. Be mindful that other people have their way of checking things out, and they would know if the stories are true or just lies.

Act and react properly

Acting and reacting to a situation also creates an impression. Keep a cool attitude and always assess the situation before taking action. The right reaction will always provide an advantage to everybody who encounters a difficult situation. Some situations could lead to trouble, and the only way to prevent them is to react and act according to the gravity of the situation. Always think ahead but do not make any assumptions.

Choose to be optimistic

People ask how being optimistic could help make a good impression. But a positive mindset helps a person become more confident in the right way. Optimism is important, as it develops a positive attitude that reflects on a person’s personality. Therefore, a person projects a positive personality that gives a positive impression. Being optimistic helps people show good body language and helps a person gain attraction.

A good impression could help you widen your circle of friends and create job opportunities, but most of all, it is good for your mental health.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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