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Taking the first step towards your dream smile


Invisalign Luton is deemed the modern alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign could easily be argued as the largest brand provider of clear aligners on a worldwide scale: providing patients with over four million happy smiles! Their transparent aligner trays make for an aesthetically pleasing physical appearance, whilst their seamless appliance design works to amend a variety of dental concerns.

What makes Invisalign so unique?

Traditional metal braces have proven effective when amending severe dental cases. Despite their effectiveness, however, many patients are now looking for a subtle alternative to amend their imperfections! Many adults may feel as if it’s too late to achieve their dream smile and may shy away from obvious orthodontic work. Invisalign clear aligners give adults the opportunity to achieve their dental goals, whilst adopting a discrete appearance allowing patients’ to feel confident!

Could Invisalign work for you?

Despite their undeniable popularity within the modern field of cosmetic dentistry, many patients may be unsure of what to expect from the Invisalign treatment process! Much like any dental, orthodontic, or cosmetic treatment, every Invisalign journey starts with an initial consultation.

A tailor-made treatment plan

Invisalign embraces the latest advancements within dental technology, which leads to a superior standard of care for patients’! Many modern practices are following a four step treatment plan which allows for a hassle-free process when achieving a patients’ dental goals!

A hassle-free process

In order to decipher whether Invisalign could work for a patients’ unique dental case, a four-stage treatment plan is followed by many clinics offering these clear aligners! Initially, the patient will be taken through the ‘Invisalign case assessment’ whereby a simple selection of photos are taken to determine whether Invisalign is a suitable treatment option.

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So… What happens next?

After both the patient and dentist have determined Invisalign is the ideal solution for their unique case, the treatment journey can commence! Photos, x-rays, and digital scans (or impressions) of the patients’ pretreatment smile will be taken to prepare the custom made aligners!

Take a glimpse at your future smile

Just one of the many benefits of receiving Invisalign is the unique technology they offer! A three-dimensional image is created from the initial scans to allow patients to view their future results. These images can not only be extremely motivating for patients’ whilst undergoing treatment, but they also exemplify the effective nature of these aligners.

Receiving your custom made aligner trays

Once all of the initial necessary images are taken, the custom made trays are ready for treatment! Invisalign aligners are replaced (on average) every 1-2 weeks, however this may vary depending on the individual case! Their convenient nature allows patients to remove the trays when eating and brushing, however, it is suggested they wear the aligners for as long as possible each day for best results (twenty-two hours at least).

Monitoring your dental progress

Just one of the many advantages of Invisalign is its hassle-free nature. Patients’ can avoid repetitive and unnecessary dental appointments by only visiting their local clinic every four to six weeks to track dental movements.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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