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Luxury Clothing: Taking Care of Your High-end Brands and Clothes


Luxury clothing always has this distinct allure and persona. Wearing them can be empowering, and it will always help you steal the show. However, the reality is that they are still clothes that are meant to be worn and washed.

Though you need to remember that washing or cleaning high-end clothing is supposed to be handled differently. You may toss your usual clothes into the washer easily, but your high-end wear needs more than just that. Proper and rigorous care will make sure that your expensive clothing will last a long time; after all, these pieces will fall apart if you neglect them or clean them the wrong way.

This part of being a fashionista or style maven may be tricky for you, especially if it is your first time to own luxurious clothes; you may even feel stressed and anxious about the entire thing! There’s nothing to worry, though. Let this article will provide you with some basic tips when cleaning your high-end style items.

The Very First Thing to Remember: Read the label

Surprisingly, many people overlook this simple yet important part of clothing care: reading the label. The tag found on the side seam or neck of the shirt has specific instructions on how to handle the cloth. And each instruction will vary depending on the type of the fabric. For instance, if your cloth is made of white linen, you may be instructed not to use bleach, as it will cause the fabric to become yellowish. The instruction for heavily dyed clothes will keep you from putting them into the washer as the fabric may bleed, which will result in fading; add to that the fact that the dye may stain your other clothes.

Moreover, the washer’s heat and the motion inside it may beat up, loosen, or even shred delicate fabrics, such as linen or fine cotton. Good thing, each label has instructions in different languages. You may also find symbols which represent the cleaning items that you need to avoid.

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Deal with stains as soon as possible

No matter how careful you are, your clothes will still manage to get stains. And when that happens, you need to act fast. Spot-clean any light stains, as leaving them will leave a permanent mark. Use distilled water, but avoid detergent and alcohol. If you can, take the clothing item to a dry cleaning shop as soon as possible.

Store the clothes properly.

Clothes care does not end with proper washing. Storage is a crucial part of the entire process. Your expensive pieces need to be stored in a clean, cool, dry, and dark environment. This will keep the color pristine and help reduce bacterial growth. If you need to clean the room with a  vacuum like Riccar, then do so!

When it comes to hangers, wood, and high-quality acrylic with thick and stable frames are your way to go. If you use wire hangers, your clothes’ shoulder areas, especially coats, may get deformed. Keep yourself from using chemical mothballs. This is because the chemical will leave a bad odor on your clothes. Instead, go for natural options, such as cedar blocks (also used for shoe care).

What to do when you’re not sure?

If you are not so sure about how to treat stains or clean your clothes, do not attempt to do anything. You will end up damaging your clothes. Instead, take them to professional dry cleaners. If there are any holes or damages, have a professional tailor work on it.

Finally, wear your clothes more often. Some expensive items just get damaged while in storage because their owners are too stressed or anxious about wearing them. Flaunt it; after all, clothes are meant to be worn.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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