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Let Your Kids Scribble on Walls


Your child’s motor coordination in development can make them uncomfortable drawing on paper and treat the world as their canvass. That is the primary reason they scribble on just about any surfaces. And when you realize that the wall a professional house painter has just polished gets some doodles, it can be frustrating! As we all know, it’s never easy to repaint. But instead of discouraging your kids to scribble, it’s best to provide them options for painting. Research shows that drawing comes with plenty of benefits that include:

  • Skill development
  • Better academic performance
  • Improved creativity and imagination
  • High self-esteem
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Upbeat attitude
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Emotional growth
  • Sharp memory

As a parent, you want to support your child’s learning so their skills can develop. Here’s how you can let them scribble without worrying about unnecessary paintings on the wall.

Chalkboard paint

Kids need enough space where they can have fun drawing, and a chalkboard makes an excellent option. With it, they can doodle everything they have in mind! Choose the right size and color for them, hang it within their reach, then let them do their own thing. It is a great way to keep them busy, particularly in this time of COVID-19. Kids can easily get bored, so it is essential to stimulate their imagination. Prolonged inactivity can impede the learning process.


This is often associated with a business entrepreneur or a professor writing down important information during meetings. Mention it, and one can easily picture a formal setup. But no longer is a whiteboard limited to schools and offices because it also makes a great drawing tool for kids. Stick it on the wall, then provide your kids with various whiteboard paints and an eraser. Through this, they can have fun painting while keeping the wall mess-free.

Erasable Materials

There are many reusable drawing sheets available. You can adhere them to the wall. This allows your kids to have fun and experiment with drawing as much as they want without worrying about permanent marks. You can easily find and purchase one online.


This makes another great canvass for your kids. Just place the paper into the frame, then replace the regular glass with Plexiglass. You can retain the original material, though. But to be safe, go for the latter, as the standard glass can be hazardous in case it breaks. You know, kids can get naughty, particularly when they are having fun with the activity. As a parent, you do not want your kids to get hurt and injured.

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Paper Wall

This is the same brown paper found in restaurants, also known as “Kraft paper roll.” Your kids can paint and draw on it, then rip it off of the wall when they are done. It is available for purchase in bulk with paper holders at a small price. And remember, maximize the use of papers by using the other side to give back to the environment.

Fridge Easel

Does your kid enjoy staying in the kitchen with you? Perhaps, they love watching you prepare meals or bake. Consider turning your fridge into an easel then! This can help you blow off steam while waiting for the food to cook. Cut the paper butcher and hold it on both sides with fridge magnets. Afterward, you can start writing down the recipe on top of the paper while your kid draws at the bottom. Through this, you can have fun together during cooking, leading to a stronger bond.

Writable Surface

This is similar to a whiteboard with a dry-erase surface, making it ideal for school, office, and homes. You can attach it to the wall, floor, and cabinet. Should you decide to repaint or create another artwork for a change, you can take it off. Your kids can use it to get creative, messy, and think outside the box. Imagination is the limit!

Doodle Posters

Are you looking for ways to keep your kids active during the pandemic? Consider a doodle poster! You can either buy giant coloring posters or create your own. If you prefer to DIY, there are websites that allow you to make your own designs. When done printing, post it on the wall. Then during free time, you and your kids can do the coloring activity together.

Kids need a lot of time to explore to develop their creativity, imagination, and potential. By providing them various options to doodle, you can enhance their learning and overall well-being.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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