Five essential gardening techniques to enhance household food security.


For most people living in urban areas, farming sounds like an alien vocabulary. The spaces are tight, there is congestion, people are busy all day round in offices, and most of them have little to no knowledge of starting or running a small garden. Do you feel the same? This article will help you learn a few hacks on starting simple indoor or urban gardening.

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All plants require enough adequate lighting. Light is one of the most important factors to consider when growing a houseplant. Without enough light, effective photosynthesis will not occur, and the plant’s energy reserves will be depleted, leading to death. Therefore, it is important that before you start your home or indoor garden, find a residential roofing company to help you install the best roofing material that will offer maximum natural light to your indoor plants while providing you with protection from the elements.

Re-use and recycle

To start an indoor garden, you will need soil reserves. Instead of disposing of empty containers, you could do well to recycle them and fill them with garden soil. Container gardening is an ideal method in urban areas and homeowners who are limited to their balconies or small spaces. Used pots, half barrels, old buckets, or ice cream containers can offer good soil reserves to help you plant that tomato vine or broccoli right outside your kitchen door.

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Plant a live wall

You can easily convert your balcony wall into a beautiful live garden that you saw in a hotel’s lobby. Sounds complex, right? Wrong. You can build your own by using a small wooden frame or recycled material like wine and water bottles. Hang several containers vertically on your wall and plant a wide range of plants from tomatoes, pepper, and edible vines to broccoli and other vegetables. However, you will need to keep your live wall well-watered and tended to avoid it growing into a bush with harmful insects.

Install shelves

You can make your own garden shelves out of repurposed items using old rain gutters, ladder shelves, an old chest of drawers, stacked up crates, shoe organizers, or wooden boxes to make yourself cool and trendy shelves. Fill them with garden soil and drill drainage holes on them. As simple as that, you can now start to plant your vegetables and spices in your garden. Hang your shelves vertically on your wall or arrange them in a drawer like formation depending on the available space.

Protect your garden from pests

All that effort will be in vain if you do not take measures to protect your produce from pests. Raise your garden off the ground or barricade it to protect your plants from animals that may damage them. Another effective pest control measure is spraying pesticides on your garden to keep pests off your garden.

The simple steps in this article will help you start and run your own indoor or balcony garden. Try them out, and you will play a part in eradicating food security.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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