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Latest Trends to Inspire Your Roof’s Remodeling


The most visible element of your house is its roof. It is thus crucial to ensure it exudes a look that reflects your personality and taste. Moreover, it should be in top condition to guarantee the continued protection of your property. Roofs are, however, exposed to the most adverse elements. To this end, they are the first part of a home to wear out over time. A remodel rather than a replacement of your roof might be just what your property needs to look trendy while remaining functional.

Roof repair experts based in Utah are the best-placed professionals for your remodel. This is because they come with the latest equipment and roofing know-how. If you are ready to start a roof remodeling project, the following are some of the latest trends you should consider.

Synthetic Underlayment

Unless you have some roofing expertise, you might never think much of the material installed under your shingles. For the longest time, felt underlayment was the only option for the roofing industry. Nowadays, however, polyurethane alternatives are slowly gaining popularity. Built with better moisture resistance and durability, this alternative is stronger than the felt underlayment. Moreover, a synthetic underlayment will significantly extend your roof’s life. Despite being installed under the shingles, polyurethane underlayment also has aesthetic benefits. This is because it is thin and lays flat under your roof to create a more polished look.

Cool Roofing Shingles

Some years back, roofing manufacturers developed a ‘’cool’’ roof paint. This was meant to reflect sun rays. In so doing, it deflected heat and made home interiors more cool and comfortable. The paints were, however, messy, expensive, and had a negative impact on the performance of roofing shingles. Nowadays, manufacturers have cool roofing shingles that work similarly without the negative side effects. Unlike paints, these shingles are eco-friendly, beautiful, and come in several colors.

Architectural Shingles

One of the best ideas for your remodel is the installation of architectural shingles. These are made by laminating at least two asphalt shingles together. This lamination generates a 3D look that mimics the most expensive roofing types like cedar shakes. Architectural shingles come in several unique colors and textures to reinforce their 3D look. Their prices are so close to those of asphalt shingles. The best choice between the two is, therefore, a no-brainer for roof remodeling.

Gutter Upgrades

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Gutters are a necessity for the protection of your home’s foundations and walls. Even so, most gutters used in the past were unsightly since they only served a protective function for your property. Nowadays, gutters also boost your roof’s aesthetic appeal. Copper gutters and those with beautiful rain chains attached to their ends are the common options for those looking for beautiful gutters. Roofing experts can also recommend different ways of camouflaging your gutters without affecting their functionality or your roof’s look.

Some of the above roofing remodel trends sound expensive to buy and install. You, however, should not dismiss them without the input of a professional roofing contractor. Their prices might be surprisingly affordable and fit in your allocated remodeling budget.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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