How to Know if Your Air Duct Needs Cleaning


The quality of the air you breathe inside your homes or offices has a significant impact on your overall health. Since most people spend most of their days inside the house or at work, having an ill-maintained ventilation system can cause germs, bacteria, and even mold to circulate without you ever knowing.

Experts suggest having the place checked for mold and regularly serviced by professionals. The entire system must be cleaned, but more attention should be given to the air ducts. Here are some tell-tale signs that you should be aware of:

1. Dirty and Grimy Grills

Consider how dirty the insides of your air ducts might already be if the exterior portion is covered with dirt and grime. The danger of having dirty vents is that you have dust and other particles of dirt blowing outward via the openings. This will mean that dust and dirt will also be piling up inside the rooms or the spaces where the air circulates.

Too much dust in your air ducts can trigger allergies like rhinitis and asthma. You can do with some light dusting and cleaning from time to time, but if you need a thorough job, hire a team of professionals who do air duct cleaning in Nashville because they have the right tools for the task.

2. Mold in the HVAC

cleaning the air ducts

Moisture, heat, and humidity affect the HVAC vents and can cause mold to form and accumulate. If you live in warm or humid climates, it is easier for moisture to get into the air ducts. Conditions like this are the favorite place of molds. It is considered good practice to clean the external portions of your air ducts with a cloth or piece of microfiber cleaner. If you notice unusual growths like dark spots or white, fuzzy objects, these are mold growths that can spread rapidly. Mold can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, especially that of children.

3. A Spike in Your Power Consumption

If your heating and cooling consumption did not change but you notice a significant increase in your bill, there’s likely something wrong with your air ducts. And your HVAC system might not be functioning correctly.

Of course, you should check if there has been an increase in the rates charged by your power provider. If there is none, the next step is to call air duct cleaners to have your HVAC system checked. There can be several reasons why your heater and air conditioner are eating up power. First, there might be a lot of dirt blocking the vents, causing the motor to work overtime. Another possible cause is a leak in the air ducts, causing air to be pumped into other areas that don’t need to be cooled or heated.

These are some reasons to have your home or office air ducts checked by professionals. Naturally, if you hear strange noises, or if smoke comes out of the air-conditioning unit, it’s time to call an emergency repair service. It’s considered helpful to have a reliable company on your speed dial should these situations arise.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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