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What to Prepare Before Owning a Dog


Dogs are precious, and we know that for a fact, but more than being cute, they need adequate care to stay healthy and live a quality life. Getting a pet entails so many responsibilities. These responsibilities prevent the development of physical and mental problems.

The house is bound to get a little messy

As puppies grow up, they would need to chew things for their dental development. This change leads to chewed up footwear or scattered socks around the house. They may also be looking for more toys. During this time, it is crucial to condition them always to choose their toys instead of their owners’ personal belongings.

Some breeds shed a lot of fur, too. Fur can stick to clothes and accumulate in couches and beds. When preparing for a dog, it’s best to purchase a good quality vacuum with a reasonably big bin, a strong velocity suction, and sterilizing technologies. Because your dog will be staying for a long time, this would be a good investment. Otherwise, have some vacuum repair services in Salt Lake City saved in your contacts.

Research about puppy care and the dog’s breed

Before getting a dog, remember to research them first. First-time dog-owners may not be aware of certain foods that can be lethal to dogs. It also pays to be informed of how to take care of a dog on their first day in their new home, as dogs may feel anxious during this adjustment.

Aside from knowing basic care, it pays to learn about the dog’s breed. Each breed has different levels of energy, friendliness, affection, intelligence, etc. Some breeds also require a special kind of care like everyday fur-brushing or intensive exercise sessions. By taking note of this information, it will be a little easier for dog-owners to meet the needs of their new pet.

Meet their needs

Much like every living being, dogs need food, water, safe and secure shelter, and exercise. One aspect that dog-owners commonly overlooked is physical exercise. Lack of physical exercise poses threats to the dog’s health, such as obesity, increased risks of arthritis, and cardiovascular problems. Dogs can also be frustrated when they have so much pent-up energy. As a result, they find other ways of letting this out, such as digging, barking, and making a mess around the house.

Dog training

Another culprit for a dog’s frustration and boredom would be from a lack of mental stimulation. Dog training engages dogs’ brains and helps meet their energy requirements. According to Jodi Helmer, mental stimulation promotes brain health because “The combination of sight, scent, and spatial orientation required to solve the puzzle helped make connections between different parts of the brain.”

Dogs should learn discipline as it could save their lives in any untoward incidents. A life-saving command is “Stay.” On times when dogs are outside without a leash, telling them to stay prevents them from car accidents or getting lost.

Dogs and their owners take care of each other

The relationship between a dog and its owner is give-and-take. As masters take care of their dogs, the dogs give them their loyalty and undying love in return.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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