How to Childproof Your Bathroom


Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is probably one of the most dangerous. Every year, 235,000 people are admitted to hospitals because of a bathroom injury. It’s no surprise because the bathroom is a place with a lot of hazardous objects. The sink and toilet are made of hard material. And there’s a high chance that bathroom floors are wet and can get slippery.

It’s especially dangerous for babies and small toddlers who are yet to develop cognitive and motor skills. It would be easy for them to lose their balance and fall on the hard bathroom tiles. Just as how you childproofed your kitchen and stairs, you should also do the same for your bathroom. Here’s how.

Install a lid lock

Toddlers are very curious most of the time. The simplest things can spark their curiosity and interest. That’s why they like investigating and playing with kitchen appliances, drawers, etc. The toilet bowl is no exception. They can easily lift the lid and peek in. When unsupervised, they can lose their balance or fall and hit their heads.
It’s not enough to keep the toilet lid closed. Install a lid lock to prevent your baby or toddler from playing with it. It might seem like a struggle to keep unlocking it when you need to use it, but it’s a measure that will ensure the safety of your child.

Put away hazardous objects

The bathroom may be the most dangerous place to plug in electrical materials. Water conducts electricity, so plugging in electrical appliances near the sink, tub, or shower can be extremely dangerous. Unplug them when they’re not in use.

Keep all hazardous objects like first aid kits, medicine bottles, scissors, razors, or other sharp tools out of the reach of children. Hide them in a locked cabinet or drawer to prevent kids from accessing them.

Cover your bathroom floor with non-slip rubber mats

The bathroom floor is often very slippery due to the water that spills out of the shower or the moisture caused by heat. A wrong, uncareful step on the bathroom floor can cause a very serious injury.

A way to prevent slips and falls is by covering your bathroom floor with non-slip rubber mats. That way, there’s more support for anyone who walks in, and it also softens the landing in case of a slip or fall.

Repair bathroom tiles

Tiles being repaired

Tiles can easily break and crack. If you leave it alone without conducting the required maintenance, the more you’re causing its damage. When a tile breaks, you should have it replaced or fixed immediately. These can be very sharp and can harm you and your children.

Inspect your bathroom regularly and watch out for any breaks or damages. If you spot something, call your Seattle tile repairman immediately.

Be wary of what you throw in the trashcan

Even a mere trashcan can be very interesting in the eyes of a child. The chances of them going through it and looking for something to play with are high. So make sure you’re careful with what you throw away. There might be razors, blades, or sharp object there that can grab their attention.

Children are naturally very curious. It’s just a part of their growth and development. But with their lack of motor and cognitive skills, this curiosity can often lead to danger. Make sure you’re taking the extra effort to childproof your home, especially your bathroom.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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