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Reasons to Consider Becoming a Paralegal


When we think of getting into law, we think of lawyers and judges. But the law sector has more than just lawyers and judges. There are other career paths to consider, and one of that is being a paralegal.

According to the American Bar Association, a paralegal is someone who performs substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. This work may involve the evaluation and communication of legal concepts and facts. As a paralegal, you will provide support to lawyers through interviewing clients and witnesses, conducting research relevant to cases, and preparing documents. You become many things: an interviewer, a secretary, a courtroom assistant, or even a gopher. So while it’s not a glamorous job, it certainly has its benefits.

Here’s why you should consider becoming a paralegal.

The Demand is High

With a relatively short certification track, becoming a paralegal is now easy, and you must take advantage of the opportunity. Why? Because you’re in luck, the demand is growing. Paralegals can increase revenue for a law firm. The demand is even more apparent in urban centers. So if you’ve always wanted to move to the city, now is the time to do so.

There is Job Security

You won’t have to worry about losing your job so quickly. Once you’ve proven yourself to be a capable paralegal, you’ll become an indispensable asset to the law firm you work for now. Paralegals are an asset not only to the lawyer but also to the law firm. They ensure that the workflow is smooth and efficient.

As a paralegal, take the time to develop your processes and learn new skills so you can have all the job security you wish to have.

Attainable Education Requirements

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Many careers have barriers to overcome. To get a respectable salary, one must overcome four years of education with potential debt, take on licenses and certifications, and attain the appropriate experience that’s usually measured in years.

To become a paralegal, you need to undergo a two-year program and a single certification. The good news is, there are online paralegal certificates available if you wish to pursue the path of becoming a paralegal. This means a shorter time to obtain the goal and less debt in the future.

A Substantial Salary

Despite economic ups and downs, a paralegal’s salary exceeds expectations, and you can see this increase in the coming years as you build your network and learn more skills. According to salary.com, the average annual paralegal salary was between $50,198 to $64,094 in 2019.

Flexibility and Variety

Not all paralegal jobs are the same. You can enter non-profit organizations, law firms, corporations, and district offices. You could get into an environmental law firm and learn about environmental law and potentially save the planet. You could get into intellectual property and help people with their patents. Being a paralegal has so much flexibility in employment.

And you also have variety on the job. In one week, you could be doing a ton of research. In another week, you’ll be interviewing several witnesses for a case. You could also be taking down notes for a courtroom appearance. There will always be a variety of settings when you work as a paralegal, so it’s never dull.

The Chance to Help Others

Paralegals have the chance to help others. They can help their employers do their jobs efficiently, and they can also help clients. This feeling of satisfaction over helping others is something irreplaceable and makes you feel fulfilled.

Being a paralegal may not be glamorous, but it’s undoubtedly a fulfilling job with great benefits.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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