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Good Neighbors: Dealing with Your Tenants


With the global health crisis currently going on, you and your family have decided to start a rental of a certain property you own near your house. Home rental is good business. It provides you a steady source of income monthly or whenever your agreement is with your new tenant. Being a landlord isn’t always a smooth journey, though.

After a few weeks or months with your new tenant, you might start to be more familiar with each other’s quirks and habits. You and your tenant have ups and downs, but what’s essential is how you maintain your respect for each other throughout your rental period.

Being a landlord is not an easy task. Here are ways to manage this new venture without having it negatively affect your everyday life.

Managing A Home Rental Business

Exploring this new venture can be exciting for business-oriented individuals. On the flip side, though, there are ways to help guide you in the right direction of rental management to prevent your tenants from despising you.

Although the pandemic has gotten most of us working from home, you might still be juggling home chores and your demanding job. If this is the case, but you still want to pursue your home rental business, you can always opt to contact a property management company to assist you in the whole rental process and property maintenance. These services take away the gruesome processes of managing a property, including rental concerns of tenants and landlords.

Despite this, though, you should still learn the ropes of being a landlord and the responsibilities that go along with it. This will allow you to immediately address any concerns that your tenants have, keeping your reputation as a landlord spic and span.

To save on marketing expenses, opt to market your rental business on your own unless your property manager can already cover that service. Marketing can be costly. Research the vocabulary needed in marketing home rentals so you can have a similar edge as other rental properties available in the market.

Apart from the administrative work of home rental, included in your responsibilities are managing the finances, the tenants, and the property. What are some tips on managing your tenants as a landlord?

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Managing Tenants Well

In managing tenants properly, good communication is often the key to establishing a strong relationship with your new prospects.

When settling the agreement between you and your tenants, make sure you establish the rent collection due dates. This is a major factor that should not be overlooked. Having your tenants miss their dues can cause unnecessary friction that can lead to miscommunication and arguments. That won’t be something you want your family to witness. It can get ugly sometimes. Avoid this by signing a contract with important details itemized clearly.

Overall, proper communication is essential in maintaining any good relationship. Make sure you practice open communication with your tenants to avoid conflict.

Home Rental Pros and Cons

Home rental is not always easy. In fact, it can be tiring and gruesome. Like in any business venture, there are pros and cons in renting out your extra space.

Being a landlord is not for everyone, but it does have its benefits. One of these is having tax benefits. This benefit can ease your financial burden.

Another benefit, as mentioned, is the regular flow of income. Depending on your contract with your tenant, your regular cash flow might be able to sustain your miscellaneous expenses throughout a whole year.

One of the cons, on the other hand, is having difficult tenants. You might be able to screen your tenants before they sign your contract, but you can never really tell what their real personalities are until you get to engage in business with them.

The next con of having a home rental business is being a landlord. As mentioned, being a landlord is not suitable for everyone’s taste. It can be too daunting for some, while it can be rewarding for others.

These are some pros and cons to being a landlord. It is up to you if you are willing to give in to the temptation of renting out your extra property.

Being a landlord can be a difficult task if one is not fit for the role. The steady flow of income seems attractive initially, but the required maintenance might not always be right for your lifestyle. Consider all your options before giving in to the possibility of renting out your home. Make sure you can fulfill your role as a landlord before you have to deal with prospective tenants.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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