A Dog’s Life: How The Rich Treat Their Pets


Pet owners recognize the urge to pamper their pets. Whether it is to buy them the best pet food possible to provide them with a custom bed, many of them want the best for their pet. The rich are not immune to this urge either. The difference is that they have the money to make their wishes come true. Here are some ways the rich pamper their pets and make their lives easier.

Perfect Grooming

While you may take pride in the fact that you bathe your pet once in a while, the rich take it to another level. Mariah Carey spends $46,000 a year on her pet’s grooming so that they look like a million dollars. That may sound exorbitant, but the pet receives the full treatment that a person could get, everything from facials to hair cuts that make them look great. Some services offer full spa treatments for pets. This includes pedicures for their claws and even massages. The effect is very noticeable, considering how some of these pets look so good. Their fur always looks so clean, and they all look so cute.

Pet Jewelry And Apparel

Your pets have fur keep them warm and look good. But the rich like to give their pets additional bling. If you think giving your beloved pet dog necklace is an excellent gift, imagine attaching a diamond collar around your pet’s neck. That’s the sort of thing you will see among the rich. That is not all. You can also expect pets with rich owners to have special clothes. Pet sweaters are nice for pets who need a bit of extra warmth despite their fur. Mittens on their paws are also to be expected, especially if the pets have to walk on snow.

Sleeping With No Worries

When you think about a place to sleep for your pet, it is usually a comfy little bed where they can spend the night. It is usually placed in the corner of a room. The rich do it differently. Rich pets can dedicate entire rooms to their pets. Another good example would be luxury hamster cages. Many people think of only the basics when it comes to hamster cages, but there are multi-level cages that look like mini-mansions for these cute little rodents. The great thing is that some of these cages are within reach of some wallets. Other pets can also receive the mansion treatment, with some fancy dog houses looking to be like miniature homes.

sleeping dog

Eating Only The Best

Feeding your pet usually involves buying some food from the local pet store. While pets of the rich do eat ready-made food, they source it from a different source. There are luxury pet food makers who don’t mass produce their offerings but sell them for a premium. All their ingredients are high-quality, but the additional service they provide is that they can make foods to order. If a pet has an allergy or a medical restriction, they can personalize the food. Besides that, there are pet restaurants that cook fresh food, especially for pets. That comes with a high price tag.

Vacation Time All Over The World

If you go on vacation, you usually have to decide where to place your pets for a while. But the rich don’t have to worry about that. There are also actual pet hotels to lodge pets in so that they have a great time while you are away, but rich pet owners can bring their pets everywhere. You can find hotels that can allow for pets, especially if they come with rich guests. They provide as much pampering to the pets as their guests. For example, the Lowell Hotel in New York City charges $2,000 a night for a suite that allows for a pet to get the full service. This involves chefs cooking personal meals as well as some personal attention from the staff.

The Best Medical Treatments Possible

Besides the best food and a nice place to sleep, the rich also have access to the best possible healthcare out there. With their money, they aren’t the ones going to the vet. The vet goes to them and with as much equipment as possible. Additionally, the pets of the rich often get the best pet treatments out there, ensuring that they live long and healthy lives.

Pets pampered with these treats experience the height of luxury. It just shows that people like to treat their pets well. While you may not be able to give your favorite fur baby the all-star treatment, you likely can give them a discount version. They should be able to enjoy it just as much as long as you give them the love they need.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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