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Finding the Earliest Signs of Pest Infestation


Some bugs or pests are too sneaky that people wouldn’t realize there are pests already in their homes. That is true until property damage has been done, and it is already too late. Some property damages are too extreme to the point where the items could no longer be repaired. Other infestations can cause serious diseases and ailments that are harmful to the residents of the house. The faster you can spot these infestations, the sooner you can dial pest control services and stop fatal damages to your properties. Here are the earliest signs of pest infestation that you can easily spot:

Hearing Noises and Tapping on the Walls

When you start to hear odd noises on your walls, and they are louder and slightly more obvious to be written off as the supernatural, it is most likely confirmed that pests are already within your house. Termites aren’t the sneakiest when they start to build their version of a home within your home. The sound of clicking, tapping, and rustling on the walls of your kitchen is one of the earliest signs that they are hiding in your home.

Trails or Droppings on the Floor/Walls

Cockroaches, rats, and other rodents are known culprits that leave dark trails and droppings behind, and they are all easy to spot and visible. If your walls are painted a darker color, it is advised to have a closer inspection for any signs of discoloration or any other unusual marks. These dark droppings and marks are also sometimes present on ceilings, particularly the corner areas of your ceilings since these pests usually find their way through faulty roof work and would stay there.

Odd Smells You Can’t Seem to Find the Source Of

When the smell of something rotten, musty, or oily starts to fill your house, and none of the residents seem to point the source, it’s most likely caused by pests already living among you. Fortunately, some experts claim that pests give off recognizable smells that you could easily identify. Bed bugs are believed to give off a sweet, moldy scent, while mice tend to smell like urine, and roaches smell like an expired, rotten soy sauce. So, you can’t always blame any of your housemates when you start to smell something unpleasant because it can be caused by those non-paying guests you weren’t even aware of.

Finding Evidence of Nesting Outdoors

Pests are resourceful enough to create nests made out of everything and anything they could find, and they are often found already in full forms in the dark corners of the house, where people would spend lesser time at. But sometimes, pests also create mounds outside of your house, which means that they are already a lot closer than you think.

Finding Gnaw Marks and Holes

Checking for termites

Some of the more obvious signs of pest infestation are holes and gnaw marks, often found in fabric. Sometimes, clothes stored in rarely opened cabinets are the main targets of rats and bugs. The more visible and easier damages can be found on food packaging and other plastic wrappers.

Getting pest infestation is one of the top problems of most homeowners, but spotting the earliest signs would prevent damages before it is too late.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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