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5 Ways to Address Children’s Allergies and Prevent Frequent Attacks at Home


Homes are a family’s sanctuary, but if your children have allergies, they’re prone to several health risks hiding in every corner of your home. The most common allergens inside your home that can trigger attacks include mold, dust mites, and roach droppings, causing your kids to sniffle, swell, and itch.

To help you make your home safer, cleaner, and allergy-free for your children, here are five ways you can prevent attacks at home.

Breathe Easier By Keeping Your Roof Clean

The most prone area in your home to accumulating allergens is your roof. That’s why you need to have them cleaned quarterly by a professional roof cleaner. This way you’ll have a cleaner and breathable air entering your household. Besides that, roofs are also susceptible to having mold growth due to moisture caused by rain, so it’s best to check it regularly for water leaks in addition to having it cleaned.

Additionally, if you have a heating or cooling system in your house, you need to regularly clean them too as they’re the number one suspect in concealing allergens such as dust mite, pollen, dander, spores, and mold.

Clean Bedsheets, Carpets, and Pillowcases Regularly

Dust mites are present in all homes and are the number one allergen that triggers allergy and asthma flares. You can’t see them, but they usually feed on your dead skin flakes, meaning they’re mostly present in bedrooms, where most kids spend their time. Dust mites are present in your bedsheets, carpets, and pillowcases, making it hard for kids to avoid.

However, you can easily avoid this by keeping your beddings and carpet clean by regularly washing them at least twice a week and have professionals clean your carpets, upholstery, and mattresses twice a year. If you don’t have time or patience to do these, you can also use dust mite-proof covers that prevent the allergen from entering pillows. ;

Avoid Smoking in the House

It’s no secret that tobacco is terrible for your health, including your kid’s well-being. It’s a well-known and potent allergy or asthma trigger that can be detrimental to your child’s health because besides triggering allergic attacks, it can damage their lungs over time. That’s why if you have someone in the household that smokes, encourage them to quit for everyone’s safety. However, if that’s not possible, let them wear different t-shirts when entering the house or let them cover their hair when they smoke.

Vacuum Daily

Although the bedroom is the number one place where dust mites stay, living areas are also where you can find this potent allergen. That’s why it’s best to vacuum your living room, common areas in your home, or carpeted rooms. Additionally, you should also clean window sills, mantles, and other horizontal surfaces to ensure optimum cleanliness and safety for your kids.

Eliminate Those Roaches

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Cockroaches themselves aren’t the main allergy trigger, but their droppings are. Unfortunately, these pests are almost everywhere, and even the cleanest households can have issues with roaches invading their spaces. These pests are the number one allergen for children living in an urban setting. So, as parents, you should make it a habit to take out the trash, don’t leave pet food sitting out, and seal up openings where they can enter, such as a leaky pipe.

As a parent, you can make several changes to prevent allergic attacks. The tips mentioned are great ways to make your home clean and allergen-free for your children, allowing them to breathe easier and not worry about future allergic episodes.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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