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Essential Strategies to Promote Hygiene in the Office


Throughout much of our daily lives, we have to practice hygiene to ensure that we are healthy while also decreasing the likelihood of infections from happening. But even though many are doing our best in keeping our bodies clean and functional, many transmittable diseases can still increase at the office.

Although many of us practice hygiene personally, there are still many individuals in the workplace that only put in the minimum effort towards their hygiene. In reality, hygiene in the working environment is a team effort that everybody will need to be cognizant of.

Since last year, the public health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a cascade of changes to different industries. This is especially true for industries and businesses that need to have their health and safety measures revamped to ensure that everyone is safe during these troubling times. Promoting hygiene in the workplace has become one of the more pressing concerns since last year.

Many workplaces are vulnerable to infectious diseases and endemics. Certain studies have shown that around 80% of some of the most common diseases and infections spread in the working environment are attributed to physical contact through hands. In another form of research, many individuals will usually touch their face around 23 times in an hour. Most experts would say that our face is one of the most common avenues where the likelihood of infection is relatively high. When we touch our face, especially our eyes, nose, and mouth, with hands that aren’t washed, this could easily lead to infections in the long run.

When employees get sick from the workplace, this could cause a sudden drop in productivity and compromise other workers’ safety. Not only will this be detrimental to the daily operations of the business, but this could cause a cascade of infections if not addressed.

Since there are many ways that individuals can get sick in different types of working environments, what are some important ways of promoting better practices of hygiene at the workplace? Here are some essential strategies that you can consider in these trying times.

Regular Maintenance Is Key

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One of the most important ways of mitigating the risk of infections in the workplace is through the regular maintenance of facilities and equipment. Since there are many technological innovations in the past few years, cleaning and maintaining buildings has become easier. There are many streamlined ways of promoting cleanliness in the workplace, but regular maintenance is the key to a clean workplace.

If you’re not sure where you can start maintaining your buildings and facilities, you might want to consider hiring professionals that can minimize infection rates. Fortunately, you won’t have to look far since experts are well-versed in keeping your buildings clean and everything in pristine condition, such as ClearClean building maintenance. Not only will they have the right equipment for any situation, but they’re also prepared with the proper safety equipment.

Although this might seem like an added expenditure, having a cleaning and maintenance crew can help your business grow in the long run.

Nose Guards Can Help

In light of recent events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have placed a reasonable degree of emphasis on their ventilation systems, especially when recent studies have shown that the coronavirus pathogen might be airborne. Since many studies suggest that the primary source of transmission for various diseases is through the airways, it’s only logical that businesses give employees personal protective equipment.

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In the past few months, many industries have been incorporating face masks and nose guards, especially for workers working in manufacturing complexes. However, many experts would say that nose guards could harbor pathogens instead. To cultivate a culture of cleanliness, most would suggest letting employees have dedicated personal nose guards and masks that they can use within the premises. For many manufacturing companies, it’s also vital to wear sanitized gloves and footwear that’s different from what is used outside the premises.

Educating Employees

Lastly, one of the most critical ways of cultivating hygiene and cleanliness at the workplace is by effectively educating employees and workers on the importance of hygiene, not just at the workplace but also in their personal lives.

Clear communication and dissemination of information are vital in maximizing the safety of employees in the workplace from possible infections. Regardless of the background for many employees, transparency can help with personal hygiene.

There are a variety of ways to maintain good hygiene at the workplace. Although it might seem like a trivial thing to consider when many business organizations should be focused on expanding their profit margins, your employees’ health and safety should always be the priority. After all, they are the backbone of your company’s daily operations, and keeping everyone healthy is an excellent way of maximizing your output.

It’s important to remember that organizations should be alert in adapting to various changes in the workplace. Being flexible and revamping safety protocols is critical towards a workplace that values safety and hygiene.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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