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Creating Great Moments during the Pandemic


Holidays have a special place in people’s hearts. It’s when we get together and share wonderful moments. Friends and relatives are eager to see one another. Sadly, with the COVID-19 virus still affecting millions of people around the world, a different picture was painted. Instead of hugs, people are observing social distancing.

Luckily, there are simple, practical, creative, and safe ways to have fun amid the pandemic.

1. Complete a jigsaw

Bring out those jigsaw pieces and watch your kids’ faces glow. You could compete with each other. It doesn’t only develop a child’s fine motor skills but develops perseverance in him.

2. Paint the sidewalk

Try on drawing the sidewalk with colorful chalks on clear or snow-free days. It is one way for kids and adults too to expend their pent-up energy from staying indoors too long. The wonderful moments you could create from this activity are priceless. Taking pictures of the happy moments and sharing them on social media is sure to brighten your friends’ otherwise gloomy day.

3. Watch the birds and feed them, too.

Peek into your window. You might be surprised how robins are so active at this time of the year. Invite your little ones to make a simple bird feeder and feed the birds afterward. It is also discovery time for your child.

4. Draw plans for your garden

It is never too early to plan to set up your garden after winter. Brainstorm on what to put on those spots after the winter. Check for a possible commercial snow removal service in your location to help you with the job.

5. Start planning for post-pandemic travel

It may or may not happen. But there is no harm in planning your next getaway. Ask your older children to organize it. Involve them in choosing the next destination, the activities, the sights to visit, and scouting for a place to stay. Children feel valuable if their opinions are sought especially when decisions affect them.

6. Fly a kite

Why not? With the strong cold wind blowing, kite flying is perfect. Involve everybody in your household to come up with their most creative kite. Reward whoever can fly his kite the highest either by extending his playtime outdoor.

flying a kite

7. Play Bingo online via Zoom

Whether for fun or to win a prize, playing bingo on zoom is the simplest and easiest game to play online.  Invite your friends and neighbors to squelch that feeling of isolation. Deliver the prize through a courier. Who knows? This could spark friendship and foster better camaraderie among neighbors.

8. Hold a socially distant bonfire

What’s the best way to get warm in the outdoors than setting up a bonfire. And while you are at it, why not grill your favorite S’mores or hot dogs with marshmallows. It would surely warm not only your body but your relationship as well.  A word of caution: avoid getting close to one another, no matter how cold it gets.

9. Go snowshoeing

A brief trek to the mountain or woods is a good way to keep warm. It is also a great opportunity to remain active despite the cold weather. Explore unknown areas but make sure it is safe and secured. Nothing spoils a great hike than meeting strange and ferocious animals on your way. Go snowshoeing is a foolproof way to enjoy the hike.

10. Initiate a food drive

This is the perfect time to show solidarity among your neighbors. You could solicit from among the homeowners and use the fund to buy food from fast food. Distribute the food among the front liners. Don’t forget to involve little Zion or Paula in this effort. It is never too early to teach about selflessness.

11. Have fun in the snow

Play snow fight but be mindful of your distance. Or build a snowman but paying attention to safe health protocols. Mr. Snowman won’t be happy seeing any child getting sick while building him.

12. Learn something online

Increase your chance to get employed by learning new skills online. The internet abounds with course offerings. Save for the fee, though. Skill and knowledge are not free, so invest to acquire them.

The coronavirus hasn’t shown signs of weakness. The number of cases continues to soar. But life must go on for most of us. We cannot wait forever for this pandemic to end. But we can help ourselves. Give yourself a chance to do the suggested activities but don’t forget to be on the safe side.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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