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Create Instagrammable Photoshoot Backgrounds at Home


Are you getting antsy because you can’t fully pursue your creative hobby during a pandemic? Before, it was easy to show off your new style by going to nice places, but we can’t exactly do that now. Fortunately, you can keep working on your fashion and photography skills at home. You have to be a bit more creative with your options, though.

If you are looking for new photography projects to post on Instagram, you can try these ideas to create a unique backdrop.

Improve your garden

If you have a lot of yard space, you start improving it to make it into an amazing background. A few plants and flowers can become a flexible backdrop for any fashion or product shot. All you need to do is a bit of arrangement.

You likely already have plants there and need to add something more. A landscaper or a tree service expert to look after and beautifully arrange your plants. They may even recommend certain types of plants and flowers that are best for photography.

Another cool thing you can do if you want to avoid having your neighbors in the pictures is to get a vertical garden. This is basically a wall that has plants on them. It’s great for decorating spaces and adds more nature to places with not a lot of room. Despite being vertical, there are still various plants that can be used for this type of garden. You can even layer lots of different kinds for more depth in your pictures.

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Transform a room into an empty studio

There are only so many pictures you can take at home, and some areas of your home may not be that great for pictures either. If you want to get more creative with your backdrops, you can clear out a room and convert it into a studio. Ones with plain white walls and large windows are great. The windows allow for more natural light, which is harder to achieve with artificial lighting.

Now that you have an empty room, you can start making your own backdrops with household items. All you need are large fabrics or seamless paper. Paint them, decorate them, or stick decorations on them. If you have some editing skills, then a green seamless paper is a must-have! You can take pictures and edit out a cool backdrop.

Get creative with household items

Try to see the lockdown situation as a new way to challenge yourself as a photographer. Since you have limited options in your pictures, you can try experimenting with different angles and lighting. A common trend today is photographers creating amazing and otherworldly illusions with basic items and minimal editing.

Your source of light is one of the most important aspects of photography. It determines the mood as well as the focus of the pictures. For instance, side lighting highlights the shape of an object, while backlights are supposed to give more depth. If you have many different lighting fixtures at home, you can experiment with them to change things. What some people do is put cellophane and other transparent items over them to change their colors.

Another thing that people commonly do is to photograph through holes and other objects. Window screens, mirrors, and fabrics are a great way to create different effects and textures. There are a ton of things you can use at home. You may find that you can create something amazing with really unconventional items.

Creating a background for a photoshoot at home doesn’t have to be complicated or challenging to achieve. Sometimes, you only have to look around and use what you already have.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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