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Bringing More Natural Light Into Your Living Space


There's no comparison at all. Artificial light may be more accessible to some homes, but natural light will always be the better choice. It gives any room that rich, full-spectrum hue that not even the highest-quality light bulb can even duplicate.

Not only that, but it also has positive effects on the body. With natural lighting, you can expect increased levels on your “feel-good” serotonin. But, that's not the best part. Natural light is absolutely free, so why would you go with anything else?

Unfortunately, natural lighting is a pleasure that not every home can enjoy. But, before you think about moving to a sunnier location altogether, consider some of these remodel projects that will definitely bring some natural lighting into your interiors:

Greenery through your glass windows

Never underestimate the effect those greens outside your home can have on the amount of light you get inside. Inspect how much plants you have in your garden and trim any of those trees, bushes and climbing plants growing around both your doors and windows.

These block the potential natural light levels you could be getting inside your home. Also, while you're outside doing some changes in your garden, give both your windows and glass doors a thorough wiping. This is to make sure all the light that could possibly fill through the glass actually gets in.

Go over your modern window furnishings as well to make sure they're not blocking your ultimate source of natural lighting.

Light furniture over dark, trendy ones

Instead of getting all those stylish yet dark furniture pieces, go for those in lighter shades whenever you can. This is particularly true for those bigger pieces that tend to block the light coming through your doors and windows.

When choosing your blinds and curtains, be very particular when it comes to the shades they come in. Window treatments that tend to be dark and heavy can block all the natural lighting from getting through your homes.

Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes in glass or highly reflective tiles

If you're not into installing mirrors on either one of your kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, glass tiles are your best alternatives. When you have the right lighting system, these glass tiles are capable of reflecting almost 100 per cent of the amount of light that hits them.

After glass, your next best choice are highly glossy ceramic tiles, which also boast of nearly equal reflective property. Take it up a notch by installing metallic backsplash tiles for maximum reflection.

When it comes to adding more light inside, painting everything white or any other light color is the go-to choice for many. No other color is brighter than white, but if you really want increased light but don't want to stick to the usual, look into other color tones and subtly different shades of white for added interest. You can do the same for your ceilings.

These are often left unnoticed when looking at the overall décor of any room, so there's nothing wrong with going with white for this part of your home.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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