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Bathroom Renovations Do Not Have to Cost a Fortune: Here Is What to Do


With the average bathroom renovation cost in Australia being anything between $5,000 and $20,000 based on factors such as fixtures, finish, and space, the cost for the project can easily become unmanageable. Such an eye-opening piece of information can make some property owners think twice about bathroom renovations and upgrades. Obviously, this estimate is based on findings of a wide range of experts and surveys. Similarly, keeping the costs down depends on how well the project owner manages to control the materials that are to be used, as well as other aspects that can contribute to the rise of the expense.

Where the Money Goes

Labor is the largest expense for a bathroom renovation project in Brisbane. Professionals are necessary for the removal of old materials and the installation of new ones. Doing this work yourself may seem simple, but remember that identifying concealed problems and sidestepping mistakes takes some level of skill. Cabinetry and fixtures also take a sizeable percentage of renovation costs. Other expenditures to take into account are plumbing, flooring, walls, and lighting.

Sticking to a Budget

modern bathroomFor every construction project, there is a must-have list and a wish list. These lists mostly depend on the individual. For instance, having a walk-in tub may be a priority for one homeowner, yet not necessary for another. With the list ready, get estimates of installation costs from about five prospective contractors. Before you even know it, you will get an idea of what the entire project will cost. Just to be sure, check the list again. You might be surprised to discover that you need to add or remove a few items.

Controlled Spending On Fittings and Fixtures

Fittings and fixtures present a wide range of renovation ideas. However, you must spend carefully on these aspects if you are to keep the costs below $10,000. Three areas come into focus here: bathtub, cabinetry, and toilet. While factors such as water efficiency rating and cleaning ease are crucial, you do not have to include fancy designs for towel racks, mirrors, basins and so forth.

Electrical Wiring – It’s Affordable

Rewiring the electrical circuits can indeed be expensive in a bathroom renovation project. Often, this happens if the older bathroom setting did not meet prevailing code standards. One solution you might consider is visiting the local permitting authorities. They will tell you if the wiring (if it is still functional) can be improved minimally. One possible tweak is to modernize the outlets. Preferably, hire an independent electrician to give an opinion.

 Do Renovations at One Time

Combining renovation projects is the best way to save costs because it reduces the expense per area significantly. If you are renovating three bathrooms, it will be better to do the three projects at once than separately. Similarly, you can save a lot of money if you combine your planned kitchen renovation with your bathroom upgrade.

Bathroom renovations in Brisbane do not have to cost $10,000 and beyond. You can spend less and still get impressive results, often within the original timeline. Whatever you plan, remember overall satisfaction comes from a meticulous design process.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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