Are You Living Solo for the First Time?


Living solo for the first time is an eye-opening transition. You can finally make big decisions independently, but you’ll also be responsible for the repercussions of every mistake you make. Follow these pointers when taking your first leap to adult life:

1. Don’t rush

When you’re looking for your first apartment, you need to consider your budget and lifestyle. If you’re in Jacksonville, you should do a bit of online research to know about the typical rates of 1-bedroom apartments for rent in the neighborhood. Don’t trust the appealing snapshots in the web listing. Visit the place and take your time to check for health and safety issues like rodent problems, mold, jammed doors, or water leaks.

Ensure that the amenities match your lifestyle. If you are on a budget, you need to make compromises such as enduring a longer commute to work or learn how to do your laundry. You’ll also need to do a lot of legwork to look for a safe community, good neighbors, and a quiet rental property.

2. Find a great landlord

Landlord and client

After you’ve found the right apartment, be sure to meet your landlord to see if you can establish a good relationship with him. This is because the quality of your relationship will either make or break your overall rental experience. When meeting the landlord for the first time, you also want to create a good impression. You want him to see you as an educated tenant that is aware of your rights and understand your responsibilities.

While you can’t see the future, you can look for signs that make a great landlord. Take a good look at how he’s treating you and making you feel comfortable during the viewing. Ask him a lot of questions and see if he has the patience and willingness to provide truthful answers. Ask your prospective landlord about the maintenance, pet policy, utility deposits, and your concerns. If he is evasive about some questions or underplays significant problems, it might be a sign that you should walk away.

Even the best property can transform into a rental nightmare if the landlord is bad or too good to be true. Your landlord should make you feel comfortable in your new home. If possible, it would be best to talk to the current tenants as they are the best resources for credible feedback.

3. Give yourself enough time to adjust

Some people seek instant gratification when making significant changes, but remember that living on your own is a process of learning and self-discovery. Your new-found solitude, responsibilities, freedom, and independence can be overwhelming. You need time to learn how to cook, eat alone, manage finances, and other must-have skills for living alone. There would be times that you’ll feel scared, lonely, and overwhelmed. You’ll eventually adjust, but it’s best to connect with family and friends during the transition.

Living in your solo space can be tough. Take your time to search for a perfect place to live, find a good landlord, and remember to celebrate your independence.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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