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A Guide to Making Your Luxurious Yard Kid-Friendly


Homes in upscale neighborhoods tend to look too formal and intimidating, with aluminum real estate gates gracing the facade and simultaneously providing maximum security. But if you’re a young family with little kids who need a lot of fun, your overly polished front and backyard may not give it to them.

Sure, you can always take them to the playground, or buy them toys they can enjoy inside the house. But children benefit tremendously from being outdoors. The elements will engage their senses, spark their curiosity, and make them appreciate the natural world.

Hence, don’t be afraid to “ruin” your luxurious outdoor spaces. Erecting a play structure there will not make it ugly. Instead, it will show that you value your kids’ well-being by giving them the best experiences possible.

Besides, it’s still unsafe to take young children out because of COVID-19, so the most you can give them, for now, is playtime in your own outdoor spaces. Below are the ways to make your yard kid-friendly:

1. Lay Down Some Turf

If you’re worried that the soil may contain germs and viruses that may harm your child, lay down some turf instead, and let it double as a playground and an entertaining space for adults. Turfs are usually perfect in backyards, but your front yard or porch will also look beautiful in it as if there’s always freshly-mown grass in the space.

2. Build a Treehouse

Didn’t we all fantasize about living in a treehouse as kids? If your children express the same desire, that would be the perfect excuse for you to make your childhood fantasy a reality. A treehouse can have other functions besides a child’s playing space. It gives you and your kids a cozy space away from the house, where you can immerse in your own world and stimulate your imaginations. If you fill it with stuff like books, interactive toys, or crafting materials, the space will not just develop your child’s creativity, but yours too!

3. Install Facilities for Creative Play


Do your little ones love sports? Train them early by setting up a mini-court in your backyard. Having a basketball ring out there will also give you an opportunity to go out and exercise. Not to mention, playing sports with your children serves as a perfect form of bonding.

For children who love fairy tales and fantasy movies, a fairy garden will further ignite their passion. The space doesn’t have to be kiddie; you can make it a suitable entertaining space by putting outdoor furniture, romantic lighting, and a dramatic water feature. When your kid hangs out there, they will feel like they’ve been transported to a fairy land.

4. Make Toys Match the Space

Some parents hesitate to put up a play structure in their outdoor spaces because it looks unappealing. But the key to avoiding such a design blunder is to select wooden ones as opposed to plastic. Instead of buying a swing set, consider just building one using a reclaimed wooden plank and some ropes. Hang the ropes from a sturdy tree branch, and that old-fashioned swing tree set will be appealing to both kids and adults.

5. Add Features for Older Kids and Adults

Since little children grow up fast, they may get tired of your yard’s kiddie features quickly. Hence, plan for their teenage years as well, and for your own leisure and entertainment needs. For instance, if you’ve built a treehouse, consider turning that space into a library or outdoor home office in the future. Or if you have a bare turf space, put up some patio sets and built a fire pit in the center. That would become your entertaining space when you have guests over, or if you just want to bond outside as a family.

6. Build a Rope Net

If you live by the woods, consider installing a rope net around at least four trees, which is easier to build than a treehouse. It will help develop your kids’ strength and balance, as they will have to climb a rope ladder to access the rope net. Adults will definitely love it too, as it’ll be nice to lie down there during a cloudless night to gaze up at the stars.

7. Disguise Your Sandbox

When it comes to kid-friendly yards, the sandbox will always be a classic feature. But if it will ruin your landscape garden, the trick is to disguise it as another flower bed. Surround it with flowering shrubs to conceal the sand from afar. It will be beneficial for your kid as well because they’ll be fascinated with the plants and flowers while they enjoy themselves in the sand.

These genius ideas for a kid-friendly outdoor space prove that you don’t have to compromise your own aesthetics to give your kids an entertaining haven. Add or build the best features that you can, because they may also boost the value of your home.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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