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Parents, You Can Keep Your Kitchen Safe with These Ideas


Kitchens may look immaculate, but they can be the most disastrous area in the house. Most fires begin here, while knives cause at least 300,000 injuries. Some may be so severe they require emergency admission and surgery.

But because one cannot imagine a home without a kitchen, the next best step for parents is to ensure it remains safe for everyone.

Here are a few ideas they can consider:

1. Use Industrial Pipes

Industrial piping is usually ideal for two kitchen projects: shelving and sinks. Opting for these pipes instead of wood for your shelf ensures every tier is strong. You can place heavy objects, such as pots, pans, and big glass containers.

With these pipes, creating open shelves is easier. This design makes it convenient to spot missing items and reduces the risks of head bumps from opening and closing cupboards.

Specialty piping is also great for sinks. Stainless steel, in particular, is resistant to corrosion and withstands high heat. You are less likely to deal with flooding due to a busted pipe that only raises the odds of falling. Most of all, the material doesn’t catch fire and thus prevents from spreading it.

2. Sharpen the Knives

Knife & Sharpener On A Cutting Board

Contrary to popular belief, it’s dull knives, not sharp ones, that increase the risk of hand injuries. When you’re using an unsharpened knife, you spend more time with the object.

You also need to exert more force, exhausting your hand. Your grip can suffer that you may end up missing the mark and cutting your fingers instead. As a bonus, maintaining your knife will help it last a lifetime, saving you plenty of money.

Sharpening a knife takes only a few minutes, and there are several available tools to use. You can buy a knife sharpener for less than $15 on Amazon. Most knife experts, however, prefer a whetstone, which is a fine-grained block of stone. Depending on the quality, design, and size, it costs between $15 and $40.

You can also use a belt sander, which is a multipurpose tool also used in carpentry. If the budget is really tight, everyday objects like a leather belt, a coffee mug, or sandpaper can already do the work.

3. Reseal Granite

Many homes now use granite countertops. Not only are they lovely, but they are also durable and earth-friendly. They are less prone to chipping and help create a flatter and smoother surface. Most of all, they reduce the moisture level and even resist bacteria.

However, granite is porous. It will allow water to seep in, thereby increasing moisture levels that can promote mold. Moreover, it may even hold bacteria. For this reason, the stone needs sealing.

But you also need to maintain the seal since constant kitchen activity can slowly strip it. Re-applying it ensures your granite remains in tiptop shape and keeps your counter hygienic at all times.

Keeping the kitchen safe goes beyond placing a fire extinguisher close or installing a fire alarm and a water sprinkler. Little changes such as using industrial pipes or sharpening a knife can have a significant impact in preventing accidents.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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