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Your Purse Essentials Need To Be Updated With These Must-haves Of 2021


Everybody is in dire need of a quick trip to the outside world, and knowing that the vast majority of people have spent way too much inside, it’s good to see those rapid vaccination efforts and easing restrictions are finally making the outside world less scary than it appears on news and social media. In fact, for any of the lucky ones to get both of their shots done these past few weeks, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory except in a few select places, and domestic travel is all the rage.

However, one key area of our daily necessities that many people have seemingly overlooked is updating their purse essentials, and given that it’s probably been months since the last time we’ve opened our handbags, it’s about time we double-check our new necessities. And so, today, we’ll be going over the must-haves of 2021 and what items you need on you at all times if you plan on embracing the outside world once again.

#1 Your Standard Healthcare & Safety Items

face mask

Firstly, despite being vaccinated and being responsible for your actions, it never hurts to have your standard healthcare and safety items with you at all times to keep both yourself and your loved ones safe in case of an emergency. Sure, while we’d all love to distance ourselves from health and safety measures for at least one day, we should always remember that these are all for our benefit and well-being.

  • Never Forget The Mask

    Wearing a face mask is the pinnacle of safety in the new normal, and we strongly recommend having a few self-priming filter respirator kn95 packs with you to ensure your safety outside. Of course, we don’t mean for you to bring the entire box, but having two or three gives you enough wiggle room if the first one gets wet or if you outside for an extended period.

  • An Extra Hand Sanitizer

    Regardless of how vigilant and attentive we are of things we touch and where we place our hands, it’s almost inevitable to have it slip past your mind and touch something that isn’t quite clean or sanitary. So, for these just-in-case moments, we recommend keeping an extra hand sanitizer around to eliminate any germs and bacteria when a washroom isn’t nearby.

#2 Don’t Forget The Beauty Essentials

lip balm

Secondly, while most of us have slacked in the makeup department these past few months, please don’t forget to pack beauty essentials with you, especially with this summer heat making us sweat buckets before getting any good photos. Sure, you could always go all-natural and do with some basic moisturizer and sunscreen, but for anyone looking to strut their stuff now that they can go outside, it’s time to go makeup shopping.

  • Makeup Touch-Up Necessities

    Of course, when we say beauty essentials, we don’t mean to bring the whole package; just having the makeup touch-up necessities will do you good for the most part. For example, a foundation brush, makeup sponge, and trendy lipstick will give you more than enough to work with whenever you feel the need to retouch on your looks while outside.

  • Lip Balms Are Lifesavers

    Following the notion of fighting the summer heat, we strongly recommend having lip balm with you because they are utter lifesavers. The sheer heat can have your luscious lips turn chappy in just a few hours outside, and knowing that face masks can further exacerbate the dryness, lip balms will keep your lips looking fresh and healthy at the same time.

#3 Stash Your Smartphone Accessories

Last but not least, knowing that staying online and connectivity is the end-all cornerstone of the new normal, always stash with you all your smartphone accessories. Plus, the last thing you want to happen is finally going on a road trip but suddenly having your smartphone die on you midway and therefore no photos to commemorate such an experience!

  • Wireless Headphones To-Go

    Whether you’re a fan of Apple AirPods or Google’s Pixel Buds(or any wireless headphones while we’re at it), a good rule of thumb is to always have them handy in case you need some tunes. Many of us have fantasized about what the outside world is like, but let’s not forget that it can have some boring moments without music.

  • An External Battery

    Although the latest phones pride themselves on having longer battery life than previous models, let’s also not underestimate how much our phone usage, background applications, and 5G network speeds can drain them all the same. It doesn’t hurt to pack along with an external battery and works even better when you know you’re staying outside for longer without any guarantee of a charging port.

Don’t Get Caught Lacking Outside.

Overall, the last thing we want to happen to you is getting caught lacking outside and having to make a quick trip back home. So, take note of these must-have purse essentials for 2021, and we can guarantee you’ll be as prepared as any other formal girl scouts!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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