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Yes, Flip Phones Are Awesome And You Should Use Them


Here you are dreading the sound of your alarm, but you have no choice except get up and get to all your responsibilities. The first thing you do? Pick up your phone, check all your emails, skim through all your notifs, and catch up on all your socials. By then, it’s already 9:00 AM, and you’re stuck thinking where all your time went.

For some reason, ever since all this pandemic stuff started and with our butts glued to our homes, we’ve all been getting busier and busier with each passing day. And, whether it’s because our jobs are adapting to the new normal or the cabin fever getting to us, the troubles of 2020 have somehow seeped into our 2021.

Let’s be honest, none of us want to be overloaded with far too much work we can effectively do. And most, if not all, of us are begging to catch a break, even if it’s just a good week or two of gathering our bearings. However, what if we told you that one quick solution to alleviate all this stress and worries is by switching your smartphone to a flip phone?

Really… Flip Phones?

Look, it may sound crazy to give up all of the quality of life upgrades smartphones benefit you, and we won’t fault you for thinking that, but hear us out. Think back to all the productive time eaten away by just unlocking your screen and falling into the dopamine trap of hearing a notification. Does that ring a bell? Or maybe think back to all the times you’ve spent way too long scrolling through Instagram posts and Twitter threads, and you just feel pooped. By now, you’ve probably realized how destructive smartphones can be, and despite the benefits they can bring you, there’s merit to making the switch to a flip phone.

#1 Takes Away All Distractions

The number one advantage of getting rid of your smartphone for a flip phone is that it takes away all the distractions that keep your mind preoccupied with the wrong things. You could be trying out a new workout plan but end up sitting on the bench way too long because your eyes are on the phone and not on the weights.

  • No More Constant Notifs: Unlike a smartphone, you won’t hear the constant notifications from someone liking a post, retweeting a thread, or that game buzzing you to play with a flip phone. As a result, this helps you focus on whatever is more important and gives you a clear mind.
  • Fewer Apps, More Life: One of the hallmarks of smartphones is their app stores filled to the brim with endless apps that increase every day. Sure, there’s the off-chance that you could find one that helps you stay productive, but how long before you’ve already wasted too much time with others? Flip phones mean fewer apps, and fewer apps mean more time to focus on more important things in life.
  • Strictly Texts & Calls: Last but not least, most flip phones strictly feature texts and calls, which means you won’t have to be bothered with some random pop-up. While newer models feature e-mail and the internet, the bare minimum they offer is far from the modern smartphone.

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#2 Encourages Productivity

Unlike smartphones that give you endless amounts of stuff to do, the fact that flip phones are limited with their use encourages you to be more productive. Nobody likes sitting down and doing nothing. You just end up feeling restless. As a result, having less to do on your phone pushes you to find something more productive.

  • Using Other Gadgets: Since you don’t have the luxury of a smartphone, you’re more inclined to use other gadgets and utilize them in a way that saves you time. So, whether you’re finishing up a report or managing your online selling platform, you’re more likely to use the time wisely than take things slow.

#3 Saves You Cash

Lastly, a flip phone is so much more affordable than a smartphone and can save you a lot of money in the long-term. Plus, you wouldn’t be as concerned about getting the latest and greatest models because you’re only worried about the main functionality of texting and calling and nothing more than that.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay the monthly subscription fee for all those applications that keep you hooked on doomscrolling and make it hard to stay sober. You’ll feel more fulfilled, and there’s less of a risk of being dragged down by negative thoughts.

But, They’re Not Perfect

Of course, flip phones are by no means perfect and also have their pitfalls. There’s a reason why smartphones exist, and that’s because when in the right hands can help you become more productive. So, if you’re already doing good with your current smartphone, switching to a flip phone will only worsen your productivity. However, if you do find yourself burdened by your smartphone, then we firmly believe that there’s no harm in giving a flip phone a shot!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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